The Reason I became a Vegan Chef

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Hello! I’m Michel, and I will try to inspire you to live a healthier & cruelty-free life every day without missing out on taste.

A Fresh Approach To Health & Life

1:1 Consultation

What You Get..

You’re ready to explore a life that loves you as much as you love it through bi-weekly one on one coaching sessions.

30 Day Challenge

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You want to curb your cravings and discover a healthier lifestyle during a fun + simple 30 day online challenge.

Group Coaching

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Monthly sessions where we uncover the habits & thoughts in the way of a healthy relationship with food & your body.

Michels’s New Book Is Coming SOON

Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Cleanse Expert
The various “hacks” described in the book are intended to help those dealing with weight loss & Depression. His suggestions are practical and easily incorporated into day-to-day living. Healthy & COMPASSIONATE RECIPES FOR EVERYDAY!

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Rookie Cook’s Program

Easy Start To A Plant-Based Diet
  • Quick Start on Plant based Treats

    Prepare new delicious tasty plant-based treats daily in less than 60 minutes as a beginner

  • Step-By-Step Recipes

    All the recipes are designed for beginners who, despite busy schedules, don’t want to miss out on tasty treats

  • Weekly Shopping List

    You get a detailed grocery shopping list to always get the promised results for home-cooked plant-based meals

  • Tips And Hacks To Make Life Easier

    Nutritional value stickers on each meal and ways to make your life easier, preparing and cooking delicious meals

Our Members' Achievements

Maximilian Watson lost 90 pounds
“Michel will completely transform your mindset towards food and your relationship with your body. I’m now kinder to myself and am happier, not just because I lost weight, but because I learned to appreciate and take care of myself.”

Not Sure Where To Start?

I’ve put together a quick-start guide to set you off on your plant-based food journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!

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