Shiitake Mushrooms With Three Different Veggies
Serves 4
Easy to fix lunch treat
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 300g Shiitake Muschrooms
  2. 4 Bok Choy
  3. 2 Small Red Cabbage
  4. 2 Carrots
  5. 2 Celery Stokes
  6. 200g String Beans
  7. 200ml Coconutcream
  8. 4Tbs Olive Oil
  9. 1 Onion
  10. 2 Cloves of Garlic
  11. 1Ts Caraway Seeds
  12. Pintch Nutmeg Powder
  13. Himalayan Salt
  14. Black Pepper
  15. 2 Cups Brown Rice
  1. Wash the brown rice and put it in the ricecooker
  2. Add the steamer and put the bok choy leaves on top to steam for five minutes once the rice is cooking
  3. Take one pan and add two tablespoons of olive oil and add the teaspoon of caraway seeds to the oil. Before it starts to brown add the red cabbage that you finely cut in stripes and sautee the cabbage for a couple of minutes before you add the coconut milk to the pan and mix it together. Now season with nutmeg, pepper and salt.
  4. In the second pan add two tablespoons of olive oil as well as the chopped onions and start sauteeing for a couple of minutes. Add the sliced celery stokes and the garlic, stir up a little and add the carrot sticks and the string beans to the mix. Stir up for a couple of minutes and add the shiitake mushrooms. Now stir up one last time and season with salt and pepper. Keep the veggies crunchy.
  5. Now you are ready to dress the plates with the steamed bok choy, topped with a couple of spoons of the red cabbage cream and to finish add the veggie mix with the shiitake mushrooms on top. Sided by a cup of cooked brown rice.
  6. Bon Appetit
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2 thoughts on “Shiitake Mushroom Veggies Trilogy By Michel Nilles

  • gaea redwood says:

    is your cookbook ready for purchase yet Michel ?
    Also, I purchase organic shitakes at Whole foods and wondering how much cleaning is necessary. Is it just rinshing or is peeling the top and removing stems needed ? thanks so much for your lovely recipes and your light~~~
    luv, Gaea

    • Michel says:

      Need to find a publisher for the book Gaea

      If you buy fresh mushrooms don’t rinse them under water this results just in a loss of flavor. Just gently brush them to take off the remaining dirt so they will keep all their flavor and cut off the bottom of the stem if dirty. Everything else you can enjoy 😉

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