5 Good Reasons To Live A Vegan Lifestyle On A Plant-Based Diet



Whether moral or health reasons – there are many reasons to live a vegan lifestyle. Millions of people worldwide now live vegan, and the trend is on the rise. More and more people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle. But why do people live vegan? The reasons that speak for veganism are multiple.



Several million people worldwide are vegan and the number of vegans is rising steadily. The recurrent food scandals, catastrophic conditions in factory farming, reports of ongoing climate change and the presence of the issue in the media are contributing to an increase in the community of vegan people. According to the vegan study of the University of Jena, most vegans state moral aspects as the most important motivation, and second place on the question “why vegan?” is followed by health reasons.

Why live vegan? For the animals!

Vegan people reject the killing of animals. In the so-called mass animal farming, the animals are regarded as a commodity, not as sentient creatures with individual personalities and feelings of pain. They are denied almost everything that corresponds to their natural needs. Also, the animals are slaughtered at a very young age.

Vegan people reject all animal products because the animals in dairy and egg production are hardly better off than animals in meat production. In the egg industry, millions male chicks are killed each year immediately after hatching because they can not lay eggs and are not suitable as broilers.

In addition, every year millions of cows in the dairy industry are put on artificial insemination in a “long-term pregnancy” so that they give almost uninterrupted milk. They go into the meat production after only a few cycles. The calves of dairy cows are either also used in milk production or slaughtered after a short time. Milk and egg production are thus inextricably linked to the meat industry.

Why live vegan? For the health!

In addition to the welfare of the animals, the question “why vegan?” Is also about one’s own well-being. High meat consumption is one of the major causes of common lifestyle diseases such as overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and even cancer. Numerous studies have proven these relationships.

Other animal products also have a similar negative impact on health due to their composition. A full-fledged, plant-based diet, on the other hand, has the potential to provide the body with all the essential nutrients. Most diet-related disorders can be prevented being plant-based.

Why live vegan? For the environment!

High meat consumption is the biggest cause of harmful greenhouse gases. A study by FAO, the Food and Nutrition Organization of the UN, found that livestock farming accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gases. The so-called livestock farming also promotes the deforestation of the rainforest. From this in the Amazon 80% for the cultivation of feed is cleared. Thanks to their meat-free diet, vegan people make an active contribution to environmental and climate protection.

In addition, there is a strong pollution of groundwater by the excrement of the animals. In addition, the production of meat and other animal products consumes a lot of water itself. Just one kilogram of beef requires 15,500 liters of water. At the same time, currently 800 million people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water. The UN estimates that this number could rise to 1.8 billion over the coming decade.

Why live vegan? To fight the world hunger!

According to the UN, 870 million people worldwide are suffering from malnutrition. By consuming meat and other animal products, food goes a wasteful detour through the “farm animals”. Only about 10% of the proteins and calories fed to the animal are re-absorb by humans in the form of meat or other animal products.

Added to this is the problem that the animal feed is often grown in monocultures. These contribute in the short term to a high yield, but in the long-term damage the nutrient content of the soil, making it more susceptible to weathering. The plants are susceptible to disease after a few years. The question “Why vegan?” Is therefore also a question of global justice.

Why live vegan? For the enjoyment!

Vegan life is getting easier! Many people discover the plant-based cuisine for taste reasons for themselves. The range of vegan cookbooks, food and restaurants is getting bigger and many completely new flavors convince even skeptics. Experienced chefs and bon-vivants, are enjoying a vegan diet that offers many special taste sensations and new discoveries.

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