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Gary Yourofsky was born on August 19, 1970 and is an outstanding speaker of animal rights. He earned his Ph.D. in journalism from the University of Oakland and spent the following years as a circus guide, gaining behind-the-scenes insights into abusive handling of animals, and especially an injured elephant.

When he looked into the eyes of the unfortunate animal, he realized how sad this exploited elephant was. When he watched the dancing bears’ performance in ballet-boxes, it was too much for him and he left the circus to devote himself to the protection and rescue of the abused animals.

Before Gary Yourofsky became an independent animal rights activist, he worked with Peta, but since the hardliner has his own special style when it comes to animal cruelty – that’s why harsh words often fall into his vocabulary, he finally had to go his own way.

In fact, in his lectures Gary Yourofsky often denies the most distressing animal critters their right to life existence, and in this I fully support him. Peta felt compelled, as an association with several million members, to refrain from certain statements, which I do not express. The fact is that Gary Yourofsky’s lectures are outstanding and testify to the passion and honesty of this great animal rights activist.

To me here below is Garys’ best speech ever given in public at Georgia Tech in the summer of 2010, that inspired me to go vegan as well. Take your time and watch this video below too and let me know what you think about it.


So far, Gary Yourofsky has given 2,388 lectures to over 60,000 people, 178 schools and five Israeli cities, as well as the universities of Alabama, Florida and Georgia USA. His lectures were translated into over 30 languages and clicked on his Youtube channel over 4 million times.

Activists in Israel created the Hebrew website GARY-TV.com and two vegan companies included the URL of that page directly with them. About adappt.com – about Gary Yourofsky – there is a direct link to the translation of the GARY-TV.com site in English. I would like to briefly capture and translate some of the main events of this page:

In Israel, Gary Yourofsky celebrates triumphs with the remark, “Why is veganism taking Israel by storm?” For example, his speeches are broadcast on the most watched Israeli TV channel Channel 2 – Prime Time.

• On February 15, 2012, a large report about him and veganism appeared in the Israeli journal Calcalist.
• In April 2012, he gave a speech on the Israeli TV channel Channel 1.
• On June 14, 2012, Tel Aviv’s largest magazine, Time Out Tel Aviv, published a big report on Gary Yourofsky and his ideological campaign for the animals.
• On June 29, 2012, a big report about him and veganism appeared in the most popular Israeli magazine ‘7 Days’ as a Weekend Special.
• On Aug. 3, 2012, a big report about him and veganism appeared in Haaretz Magazine.
• On Sept. 7, 2012, he gave an interview to many journalists at the Zionist of America House.
• On September 11, 2012, at the Ben Gurion University in Beersheba, he gave a blazing speech to 450 listeners (all seats were filled).
• On September 14, 2012, he spoke on the weekend talk show ‘Friday with Tal Berman’.

He persuaded the great Israeli singer Achinoam Nini (Noa), who was shattered to her soul by Garys’ speeches, as she herself said, that right away she adopted the vegan way of life.

The Israeli super model Shelly Gafni became vegan with her family because of his speeches as well. Well-known nutrition specialist Ori Shavit became a vegan overnight after hearing Gary Yourofsky’s speech too.

Gary Yourofsky and Animal Rights are also the content of many other Israeli journals, all available at the English site of GARY-TV.com, and time does not stand still. Although on March 30, 2017, Gary Yourofsky announced the end of his public social media activism life on his Facebook page, by stating that: “My tank is completely empty, so I will no longer be online or active in any capacity besides helping students with animal rights projects and answering emails from people who are beginning their vegan journeys.”

Outstanding people like Gary Yourofsky with all his merits for the cause are already growing in my heart, especially as he has to go through the depths and abysses of the animal rights activist again and again. For example, in 1997, Gary Yourofsky released 1,500 minks in the US and was jailed for it. But while Gary followed the same path like Gandhi or Martin Luther King and acted in this nonviolent sense of duty – while still billions of animals are killed daily in an unimaginable cruel holocaust – I place this super hero as a very special jewel in our crown of justice for Earthlings as well as for our ‘heart and mind’!

Of course, at the time I write this report and when it’s going online – of course, Gary Yourofsky does not remain a public activist, so you have to be aware that, we have to step-up and just like every other activist make what’s necessary with the necessary ‘heart and mind’ become a spearhead of the present movement of veganism. As we were, are and will always be active for the tortured animals, without becoming tired and with always new courage and new strength!

Here you find his website for more information about Gary and around our friends the Earthlings.

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