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I would like to dedicate today’s report to a person who truly deserves the qualification of ‘human being’ – and who reminds me that belonging to this species, for once, means something positive. With my praise and thanks to the biped I have become more and more cautious in recent years, because not all have the strength and stamina to serve the justice of other living beings over decades or for a whole lifetime. But one important fact is becoming clearer to me: the further the time progresses and with each passing year, those who subscribe to animal welfare become more enduring, courageous and more reliable!



This certainly has something to do with the fact that this largest social movement in world history, as it is now called on an international level, is finding more and more combatants – and thus reinforcing and encouraging one another. And when everyone sees that the other one is also courageous, he feels held and carried, in order to purposefully move forward as well!

So today I would like to introduce to my dear readers, someone who has become very close to my heart, an animal rights activist, who possesses a very large format and potential – and who already has thousands of votes worldwide – because his voice was silent for a whole year in protest against the monstrous animal tormenting worldwide, James Aspey remained silent for a whole year.

But now that he is taking the floor again, he moves around the world and speaks at schools, meetings, protesters, at Peta and wherever possible for the animals. With huge success this year he spoke in Israel in front of more than 30’000 people. 

James Aspey speaks against any form of animal exploitation, be it meat, milk, eggs, fur, leather, silk, etc. He says that the biggest animal suffering comes from carelessness and habit, because for every animal product, no matter what, animals must gruesomely suffer. Therefore, human beings urgently need to understand how to relinquish all animal products! James speaks also vehemently against animal experiments and the exploitation of the animals for the entertainment industry! Any animal use is wrong! He also says that a vegan needs to understand and know nothing more than that any exploitation of the animal causes unnecessary suffering.

Veganism in the heart is enough, it does not need an intellectual direction or a religion. If we see someone quarreling an animal, we go and help the animal, but if we go across the street and buy a chicken burger, we commit a violent act ourselves. Veganism means expanding your circle of compassion for all living beings. It’s about respect, peace and justice. Veganism is the golden rule in action. Animals speak their language, they have family and friends, communities and are capable of suffering. Animals want to live, animals do not want to die – and we owe them this respect. Animals have the right to live in freedom.

James Aspey is featured on Israeli TV as an Anonymous spokesman and he followed his oath and made no sound for a year! Then the video shows him at the moment when, after a year, he said the first words: he did it for those of this planet who have no voice. They scream in their pain, but man does not hear them. So millions of people saw his silence and the reason for it, so a lot of them were inspired to change something in their lives as well. He says Israel is a fertile ground for animal rights and understanding of the respect of all living beings! All living beings should enjoy equal protection and respect, without distinction! Furthermore, he says his fight for the animals and that of Gary Yourofsky are identical, even if this occurs harder.

James Aspey became vegan because he was in the terminal stages of cancer and the doctors told him he had six weeks to live! A radical change in his lifestyle made him healthy and so he wants to help now the other, humans and animals! Admirable is also his appearance! He is completely without hatred and his weapon is love! A weapon that I have lost long ago – and thus may break some dialogue before it starts! I know this weakness, but I just do not have that power anymore! That’s why James Aspey is so important to me because he’s an important mediator for me, and probably for many other animal rights activists, a ‘Go Between’! He just says that he had to go right through this situation: mistakes – suffering – change – recovery; and he made it and now he wants others to do it.

I hope and wish that James Aspey’s path is full of success, wisdom and health – and I tell him that he is not alone, but thousands, if not millions, of animal rights activists are standing behind and beside him – until all queues are empty are!

James Aspey’s two brave comrades are also great hopes for the future, and promise the maturing of a new generation in which the animals will be respected, because all three are in agreement on this point: every animal has the right to a life, his freedom and his dignity just like humans!

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