Hi. I'm Michel, a big food lover,

... and I love to cook tasty treats for family and friends.

I plan to wander the world together with my wife and visit amazing places, so we can have one-way conversations with animals and trees, and try to inspire people to go vegan along the way by cooking and sharing delicious plant-based treats.


Hopefully one day we will end up in your neighborhood and we’ll be able to share a meal and some time together, so feel free to follow me and connect!

This will be my place to collect stories on food, travel and lifestyle.

With inspiration, resources, and advice on travel, veganism, minimalist living, zero-waste, housesitting, cooking and more.
And I’m here to find out if there’s more to life than money and the ongoing rat race.
Originally from the heart of Europe and a major foodie, it took me over four decades and the doubling of my weight to realize that food and what I put on my plate is a major contributor to the issues that affect Earthlings around the world.
So in 2013 I decided to go vegan, and my wife and son followed my path. Ever since, we live in a cruelty-free household – and I still remain a major foodie who loves to cook more than ever! Old habits die hard I guess!
Now I want to get the word out and help others transition to a sustainable, cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle too. Because, you are what you eat right?
I invite you to join us on our journey around the world, which will start in the Philippines and take us to marvelous spots all over our planet. And don’t hesitate to take advantage of the overload of information and opportunities I’ll make available to all of you fellow Earthlings to help you in your daily life, to transition to a vegan lifestyle and make the world a better place.

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I am a Certified Vegan Foodie & Connoisseur

some of my accreditation 😉

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