Are You Trapped In The Filter Bubble?



We live in a pre-filtered world. What started out as a smart idea is increasingly becoming a threat. Much of the information we receive today is tailored to our needs. Whether you’re scrolling through his newsfeed in Facebook or fished an ad from the mailbox, all these things just follow one goal.

They just incite us to quick purchase decisions!

To speed up the process, our preferences are analyzed. The enormous competitive pressure on the free market forces basically all companies in the game, otherwise they are simply overrun. The fastest way to convince consumers to make a purchase decision has won. All this is good for companies to increase profits, but the losers of this system are deliberately hidden.

The life of consumers

The meat lover, who buys a pack of sausages for 99 cents, never sees that pigs in factory farming only have one square meter to live. Whereby “life” can hardly be spoken of here. The sentence “Too little to live and too much to die”, hits the mark for these animals. The consumer sees only the latest blast prices and happy grinning pigs.

The techie who buys a new gadget every month, is hip, because he has all the latest technical developments. Bitter-lean guy who toil in African mines to mine rare metals, he never gets to face one. In the end, children flare the mountains of electronic waste to extract the last bit of metal from it. They earn their daily bread as they suffocate in the poisonous black smoke. The consumer sees only the cool features of the new generation, which should replace the old “scrap” as quickly as possible.

The homeowner feels good, as he has insulated his facade and was able to significantly reduce his heating costs. Every corner tells him that he did a good deed, not just for his wallet, but for the environment as well. The huge mountain of hazardous waste, which accumulates after a few decades, when the moldy insulation has to be removed, remains invisible and the consequences for the environment of course.

Go new ways

Imagine the meat eater, who knows about the conditions of keeping and suddenly changes his consumption behavior fundamentally. As a well-informed consumer, the techie would be satisfied with his devices for many years and would like to forego constant new purchases. And the homeowner could decide with a broader knowledge against the usual insulation praxis and prefer more sustainable alternatives.


But all these people will only go these alternative ways when they break out of their filter bubble. Day after day, algorithms only display what supports our opinion. Any criticism of our actions is filtered out and never gets through to us. It’s about time we broke out of all the individual news feeds and personalized search results, looking for alternatives outside our comfort zone.

Everything that is standard should be questioned. We have to open our eyes, look to the left and to the right, because there are far more than the world of algorithms wants to tell us. Often a simple search helps with the additional word “alternatives”.

What are your thoughts on that subject matter – please share your thoughts below this article in your comment box what you think about the “filter bubble” we live in.

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