Forest Bathing: How the forest heals us!



What does forest bathing mean? This word is heard again and again lately. Forest bathing means nothing more than going for a walk in the forest – something that man already does for ages. One “bathes” in the forest air, dives into the forest life and enjoys this valuable time.

Unfortunately, today it is no longer so obvious that we go into the forest. Modern man lives and gathers hardly anything in the forest. Of course, there are people who practice regular forest bathing without worrying about it. They do it intuitively because they realize it’s good for them.

Then there are people who walk very little in the woods. They spend a lot of time in rooms and do not find it easy to go out into the green after work – after all, they have already made it from work.

One loses more and more the relation to nature and the natural way of life.

You do not have to deal scientifically with the subject of forest bathing, you can simply use the benefits of the forest for yourself, without knowing it exactly. Everyone who was in the forest probably noticed that he is much more relaxed after the walk. You feel fitter, calmer, more focused, more alive, more optimistic and just better.

Knowing the benefits of science has made it even easier to go into the forest. Because the forest can do so much more and has a very big impact on our body.

Those who can’t bring themselves to regularly practice the forest bathing may be inspired by the scientific findings while going often into the forest – maybe there is one more reason for them to go for a walk. After all, that’s a great contribution to our health.

The forest has a healing power that we can use positively for us.

Science began to explore the relationship between the forest and human health only in 2004. In Japan, very exciting investigations were carried out, which yielded remarkable results.

In summary, one can say that – sleep disturbances, bad mood, fears, depression, weakened immune system or stress can be positively influenced by the forest bathing.

What exactly happens in the body?

When we are in the forest, we inhale phytoncides. These are chemical substances that release plants into the air. Phytoncides are natural oils that are part of the defense system of the trees. By the way, the concentration of phytoncides in the air is highest at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Pines, cedars and spruces produce many phytoncides. So, when we walk in the woods, we breathe in just those substances that are so good for our body. It is also important that you use all your senses in the forest.

One should not only breathe the air deeply, but also touch things and practice mindfulness, such as: Listening to noises and observe the smallest impulses.

The mobile phone should be turned off, so you will not be distracted.

I was used to walk in the woods as often as possible as a kid but lost the habit over time. I have to do this again regularly.

If you do not have any nearby forest to visit on a daily base, a park with lots of trees can work as well.

The more natural the green environment is, the better.

Every walk counts!

It’s best to start directly today.

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