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Breathing seems to be the easiest for us, but many people breathe badly and expose themselves to unnecessary stress. The right breathing on the other hand affects our body positively and gives us energy.

“If you can control your breathing, you can also control your mind.” Wim Hof is an impressive personality. Straightforward, accessible, cordial. The bearded man can just take a guitar in his hand and fill a room with good mood and life. During a Wim-Hof workshop, I got to know the Dutchman for the first time in person and I tried to understand the fascination with which he has endowed so many people.

Warning: Always perform the described breathing exercise in a safe environment (for example, sitting on a couch or on the floor) and never while driving, diving, swimming, or engaging in activity that would make it dangerous to lose consciousness. The breathing exercise has a remarkable effect on your body and mind and should only be done following the instructions below by the letter.

Throughout the world, attendees of his workshops reported on how to cure depression, physical ailments, and even serious illnesses with special breathing techniques. In this post you will learn how the Wim-Hof method works and how to apply it to you immediately. First of all, I’d like to share my impressions with you during the workshop.

My favorite way to start a lecture is to breathe a round with my audience. For this I ask you to stand up and do a round of power breathing with me. After that, the audience usually feels more energetic, focused and alert said, Wim Hof.

Power breathing is also ideal before cold thermogenesis, means cold showers or ice baths. Wim Hof has made a similar type of breathing in connection with cold exposure world famous. The Dutchman not only holds 26 Guinness world records in bearing extreme temperatures, but can also consciously influence his immune system. On the way to these amazing achievements, the Wim-Hof breathing technique was born. It is the engine of cold thermogenesis.

Find out more about thermogenesis by reading this article.

Wim-Hof-Breathing And Cold: A Combination For Youth Health

If the body is exposed to sudden, great cold, it responds by involuntary deeper breathing. Burning fat increases dramatically, releasing hormones that inhibit inflammation, eliminate diseased cells, and promote muscle growth. Wim Hof exploits these effects through its systematic exposure to cold. In order to support cold thermogenesis, as the mechanism of action is also called, Wim Hof has developed a breathing method. It is based in part on ancient Asian meditation and movement practices. However, Wim Hof has made conscious breathing the center, the center of his exercises: advanced people should even be able to use the breathing to control hormone secretions and the autonomic nervous system.

Power Through Breathing: How It Works

In a way, the Wim-Hof breathing method resembles controlled hyperventilation. Sit in a comfortable position, keeping your torso upright, but not stretched convulsively so that your lungs can comfortably fill with air.

– To warm up, you may inhale and exhale 15 times. Keep the air short after each breath.
– Now you’re doing 30 Power Breaths: inhaling through your nose as deeply as possible, releasing it through your mouth without exhaling completely. The pace is fast, but not rushed. Every time you breathe in, your stomach lifts, and every time you exhale it lowers.
– During the power-breathing, you fill your body with energy and warmth. Feel as deep as possible in the draft and try to find out intuitively where the heat and vitality has already arrived and where it still needs to be directed. Some practitioners see pictures or colors during this self-absorption. Such phenomena are evidence of the flow of energy.
– At the conclusion of the Power Breaths, inhale deeply one last time, but not violently, and then let all air out of your lungs. Lower your chin to your chest and stay in that position for as long as you can. Feel the oxygen inhaled in the power breathing spread over your entire body.
– For rest you breathe now deeply and without tension. Lower your chin to your chest and hold the inhaled air for about 15 seconds. During this time, you may go back to yourself. Many subjects of the Wim-Hof breathing method report how at this point of the exercise, all inner blockages have resolved and the body is filled with warm light.

A passage of power breathing according to the Wim Hof method takes about 30 seconds with some training. Begin this respiratory therapy in one to two rounds. Try doing the exercises daily and increasing the number of sequences to four or five.

Cooling Therapy From The Shower Head

Of course, Wim Hof’s method for cold thermogenesis would not be complete if you did not expose yourself to low temperatures after the breathing exercises. You do not have to hack a hole in the ice just like the Dutchman. First try it with cold showers. This simple cold application along with the Wim-Hof respiration leads to the conversion of bad white into good brown fat. Cold thermogenesis makes you healthier and more resilient. You can fight inflammation and even cancer cells with it. And good news for strength athletes: Wim-Hof respiration and cold thermogenesis boosts muscle growth as well. There is simply no healthier composition.

Our challenge to you: shower for a week every day ice cold. If you commit to this, then copy the following sentence below into the comments:

I take the challenge and take a freezing shower each day for at least 30 seconds every day for the coming 2 weeks.

I am convinced that you will not stop after that and if you want to learn more about the Wim-Hof-Method I can highly recommend you to read this book.

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