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Did I tell you that I love to cook and travel? I look forward to connect with like-minded people to work with. Just get in touch if…

… you have a food business serving vegan treats. You can invite us and we will share our experience with our growing vegan audience. #Foodtaster

… you need somebody to watch your house. When you plan to travel and you need somebody to watch your place and take care of your Earthling friends, we can help you out. #Housesitter

… you have a accommodation business. You can invite us to spend some quality time and we will write about it and share our impressions with fellow travelers. #Traveler

… you developed a vegan food product. You can send it to me to taste it and I will write a review about it giving a real overview about the experience. #Foodtester


Phone: +1 404 476 8559

Skype: michelnilles


or for these…

RetreatI am organizing retreats to help you get rid of your type 2 diabetes or simply detox your body to reboot your body.

SeminarBenefits of a plant-based keto diet for your health and wellbeing.

Consulting Turn your household into a vegan one – Start a vegan business with plant-based food.

WorkshopPlant-based cooking classes for anyone from beginners to savvy cooks.

Rookie Cook’s ProgramGet a different set of plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes each month for you to easily prepare at home within 60 minutes. You will also get a weekly list for your grocery shopping to have everything at hand including substitute products if your favorite shop runs out of the ingredient needed. As a bonus I will add a few snack treats to make life even more enjoyable. With this program you can treat your family and loved ones like a chef.

Raw Food ProgramWant to go fully raw? I will send you a monthly, fully raw plant-based food schedule including recipes with instructions to feed you nutrient-dense healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) that you can easily prepare yourself. I will add a weekly shopping list for your groceries including substitute ingredients if the ones in the initial recipe are not available. With this program you can go fully raw without missing out on tasty treats.

Reboot Juice ProgramReboot your body and life with this program, which is designed for you to get the intake of nutrients necessary to detox your body and boost your health. The program is setup for a 30-day reboot, but you can cut it down to a week or expand it to a 90-day juicing period, whatever you feel comfortable with. Each day will have 5 juices for you and you will get a daily grocery list with the ingredients needed to prepare your fresh juices day-by-day.

Holiday Cooking ProgramLot of people on a plant-based diet struggle when it comes to holiday seasons or family gatherings. With this annual program, you will get 3-course plant-based meal suggestions for each main holiday or gathering to impress your family and friends without missing out on their taste buds’ expectations. You will get a grocery list for each meal to buy the necessary ingredients to prepare tasty treats for your loved ones.

To Cook For YouAs a traveler I won’t always be available but if I am around you can book me to cook a delicious vegan treat for you, your family and friends. I can cook from one till up to 30 persons if you have the necessary infrastructure available in your kitchen. If you are up for it just drop me a line and I’ll get in touch with you.

To Write A Blog Post For YouAs a traveler and a vegan food lover I have come across a lot of awesome stories worth being told to the world. You can hire me to write a unique 1,500 to 3,500-word blog post for you so you can share it on your blog with your community. Interested? Just hit me up and let me know what kind of story you want me to write for your audience.

To Create A Recipe Post For YouBeing an all-food enthusiast since the beginning of my life, I now turned into a passionate vegan foodie and I love to develop new tasty plant-based treats and cook them for family and friends. Now I can do the same for you. Develop a unique plant-based dish and write a detailed recipe, including instructions for you so you can claim it for your own and share it with your community. I can even make you a recipe video for a little extra. Let me know what kind of recipe you want to have veganized and I’ll see what I can do for you. Write me up.

To Develop Plant-Based Food For YouAs the vegan community grows constantly the need for vegan products grows as well. In the past I developed a line of dry plant-based burger mixes that can now be turned into a vegan business. So if anybody is interested hit me up for this opportunity. But I can do the same for you, develop a new product that you can sell as a business to the vegan community or just veganize existing products and turn them into plant-based treats by changing some ingredients. Some ideas? Just contact me to talk about it.