Houses Like The Tree Cities Like The Forest


The forest is the wisest teacher ever created by creation. To learn from his infinite knowledge means nothing more than to orient oneself towards life and its natural rules of the game.

Those who are in the forest get a completely new view of things: From a world of lack, a world of abundance. From a world of accumulation, becomes a world of the cycle. From a world of competition, becomes a world of cooperation.

However, in the 21st century man has largely lost the ability to decipher the messages and secrets of the forest. By putting on the crown of creation, he rose, power of his arrogance, over his fellow-world, which was henceforth degraded to the environment. The life experience of the forest, which far exceeds that of Homo Sapiens, has been closed to him ever since.

Fortunately, there are still people like Erwin Thoma. He is a disciple of the forest who has never stopped going to school. The language of the forest is his native language. Started as the youngest forester in Austria, today he is a successful entrepreneur who, with each of his products, makes the lessons that he has received available to his fellow human beings.

With his wooden houses, he imagines what a future in the construction industry beyond concrete blocks and toxic insulants can look like: a future fit for the future, supporting itself on the pillar of sustainability instead of that of endless growth.

“Houses like the tree, cities like the forest” is a walk in the forest, which at the same time is an invitation to approach, understand and make us part of this world again. For no cognition is capable of grounding a society apart from that of its deep connection with nature.

The secret language of the trees

Erwin Thoma is a gift. If the trained forester and economist tells of the secret life of the trees, if he brings the highly complex forest ecosystem closer to the layman, this is more exciting than any thriller.

He has already built wooden houses with his company in 33 countries without causing waste. Even his wooden buildings are without heating. They are energy self-sufficient. It’s all because he copies nature. He had to watch her for a long time. His knowledge after decades of professional experience is simple and ingenious: capturing, copying, cooperating. This is how the ecosystem of the forest works and this for millions of years. Mankind, if we want to survive as a species, they should take on the message of the forest on their dealings with the planet.

We humans are not so long down from the trees, as that it would be impossible to remember the know-how of these brilliant giants again.

Let us learn together again from the forest and its trees.


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