How Animal Sanctuaries Can Keep Their Door Open


The compassion that people have who open a sanctuary for animals to protect them and give them shelter always amazes me. I am a vegan myself for a few years now and being part of this awesome community added a lot of value to my life. I follow people and read about their struggles. People who want to help other fellow creatures and save them from human barbarians who still kill animals for pleasure or while they still think in the 21st century that they could live on a plant-based diet only.

Vegans are a growing community worldwide but just as other folks they struggle every day in their daily life with problems. They are caught-up in the rat-race and can’t dedicate the necessary resources to help and save the ones who don’t have a voice.

Some offer time to help in sanctuaries and animal shelters to make the life of its inhabitants better. Others donate money to help all the compassionate people already dedicating their life to the voiceless.

The problem is that they can’t offer enough time or money as most peeps struggle themselves with trying to survive in this competitive world.

Animal Sanctuaries Are Trapped In The Begging Battle

Animal sanctuaries and shelters need donations and/or government money to keep their doors open and help their inhabitants with the necessary food, shelter space and care needed to live a decent life they all merit. Which for me translates into entering a begging war with the hungry kids in Africa, the abandoned war veterans, the mistreated wives and kids, the homeless and the many other organizations who try to raise money for good causes to make this world a better place.

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Being part of this battle for the very limited funds that are available for good causes can be very time-consuming with very little outcome. Even more as a lot of competitive causes offer tax benefits to donors that sanctuaries often don’t qualify for. So why not tap into a bigger pot of funds, without begging or wasting time, by just deriving funds from the greedy business world to the good causes with the help of the vegan empath community.  

Sanctuaries are sitting on an untapped “Gold Mine” in my humble opinion.

Vegan Empath Community

As I learned over the past years being vegan – I saw a lot of folks being online and sharing inspiring but also very heart-breaking stories within their communities of like-minded people. A limited number of vegans offer their time and resources to help animal sanctuaries. But more is needed to make a bigger impact. Again even people who are empathic with animals they can’t always do as they wish because they have to work, which translates into lack of time, or they have to travel to the sanctuary which also requires time but also money they often don’t have as some also struggle in this extremely competitive world. Most of them even have already animals themselves that they take care of, so they don’t really have the necessary time to be away from home as necessary or they spend their resources to take care of their own friends.

So, what can they do to help and support animal sanctuaries to survive and inspire other folks to start into their very own animal sanctuary adventure no matter where they are in the world?

Internet As Door Opener

The key stat here is that in the US alone US advertisers are going to spend almost 70 billion dollars of their media budget on digital ads and this market share is growing in the coming years just like the vegan community. This is where sanctuaries should tap in to take the biggest possible portion of these funds with the support of vegan empaths from around the world to fund their operations.

Sanctuaries are sitting on pure gold here as they have potentially unlimited stories to tell and share with people, stories that often inspire to help or move people to tears. They often have passionate and emotional stories to tell about the inhabitants of their sanctuary that they should share with the world to create awareness. I personally would love to see or hear how they turned the horrible story, most animals encountered before they ended up in the sanctuary, into a happy one for the animal for the remaining of its life and I bet a lot of other vegans would love to see that too, although some are really difficult to stomach.

With little investment to start a blog or vlog with ads on it, sanctuaries could turn these stories into gold to create a better future for their inhabitants, save more voiceless mistreated animals and inspire other people around the world to engage in a similar adventure helping and rescuing animals from their ordeal they endure due to us humans.

With millions of vegan empaths around the planet each blogpost or video story can bring potentially thousands of dollars to the sanctuary’s wallet for the good of its residents, to buy additional space, build more shelters, buy food and pay for animal care as well. If they do it right, they could even hire people to help without having to beg for it and they can focus all their time to the animals’ needs and rescue.

So, Let’s Get Real

As a sanctuary or shelter you need to create a blog ideally with a Youtube channel as well. This can be achieved with a small investment and as most of you have already a PC or laptop at home as well as a smartphone for videos and pictures you could start fairly swiftly telling your stories and share them with the community. One important thing left here is the monetization aspect, for which you have to create a free account with one of the many publisher ads providers that offer CPM ads which pay on average around $10 per 1000 impressions the CPC ads pay more but your visitors need to click on your ads to make “ka-ching” (as Shania Twain pui it in her song) into your bank account. But it could be an option too.


The vegan community with its millions of people online needs to come and simply read or watch videos of those stories, click on the ads, to help sanctuaries make money. Once done share them on social media and ask others to do the same. Like this we can help animal sanctuaries and shelters around the world to make money so they can help, feed, take care and rescue more innocent creatures from barbarian humans without having to ask for a dime to politicians, governments or donors.

I created this Facebook group “Help Animal Sanctuaries Raising Money” to allow animal sanctuaries and shelters to share their blogs and video channels and I invite people, vegans and non-vegans, to join the group, go read the stories and share them with as many people as possible within their community to make a mindful impact and get the biggest possible slice of the advertising money cake for the benefit of all the animals that need our help to escape the barbarian humans who slaughter, abuse and kill these beautiful creatures for pleasure or just recklessness because they still believe in the 21st century that they can’t survive without eating meat.

Let’s create an impact together and help each other out! No more excuses here because everybody can help now.

If you want my help to get started just join the Facebook group and get in touch with me by e-mail please. I will do my best to assist everybody who asks for help to help the voiceless.

Thank you for taking the time – reading my blogpost and I hope you will share it with others.


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