How To Find Sponsors For Your Sports Club In Luxembourg

Here are some tips to find sponsors for your sports club

What you offer needs to be competitive. If you’re looking for sponsorship money, think of what your club/team gives the sponsor that they would want in return. They may offer access to athletes or more opportunities on their team, if this is of interest then try offering them these things!

Be prepared to do quite a bit of work and organization. Sponsorship money may not be enough to cover all your team’s expenses, such as travel and accommodation. As such, make sure your club is willing to help out with fundraising activities and generate awareness for your sponsors through the community of your non-profit organization.

Don’t limit yourself to large sponsors. If you want a lot of cash then lookout for a larger company that may be interested in offering you a sponsorship deal, but if a smaller company would love to support you then that’s just as valuable! It’s all about finding something that works for all parties involved.

Have a personal connection with your sponsors and create individualized offers. This can help satisfy them for “going viral”, something they may be interested in.

Search for small businesses, not just big ones. Larger companies may be more likely to sponsor you if you look like an established community with something to offer them, but this isn’t always the case! Look out for smaller businesses that would love to support your sports club!

Try to think outside of the box. Don’t be afraid of trying new things, especially when it comes to sponsorship deals. You could always try selling sponsorships for individual members of your team. In return, the sponsor could get mentions on social media as well as photos and videos of your team’s progress!

Be clear and specific about what you’re offering. Let’s connect and talk about your options now

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