Iceman This Hero Is Cooler Than Ice



This guy climbs mountains in shorts, jogs barefoot in the snow and sits in an ice bath for 2 hours.

Wim Hof has an unusual talent. With a meditation technique, he manages to regulate his body temperature so that he sits without problems for two hours in an ice bucket, jogs barefoot in the snow or sometimes runs a desert marathon without a mouthful of water! He sets new world records. But creating superlatives is not what Wim Hof, called “Iceman” really is. He wants to show science that one thing is above all else when it comes to extreme and outdoor sports: the mind!

How did he get into the cold?

He started to get interested in meditation and self-control at the age of 17. One day he was sitting in the park by the lake and it just came over him. He had to go to the ice cold water! Only a minute. Since he had the enlightenment: “That’s his thing and from here he had to go on!”

He then worked on his breathing. Within a few months, he was able to stay in the ice water for up to 7 minutes. It was amazing!

He has been sitting for 1 hour and 53 minutes in a bathtub with ice. How does that work?

Through concentration and breathing, he manages to keep his body at temperature. He connects his mind directly with his metabolism. Only through this kind of meditation he does boost the activity of his cells by 300%! This is how he keeps a grip on his body temperature.


To this day, the scientists want to tell us that it isn’t possible to influence our nervous system with our will. Wim has proven the opposite – and this is proven by him participating in scientific studies!

In a comparative study, 12 people from his team managed to produce more adrenaline only with their willpower than in times of greatest fear, such as a bungee jump. They were also injected with a type of bacterium that makes the body ill for about five to eight hours. The group managed to completely eliminate the symptoms within fifteen minutes. This is crass badass Mindcontrol!

That’s good news for adventure athletes!

Most extreme athletes have already internalized this kind of will control, even if they may not be aware of it. One must have the greatest respect for these people. These are people who want to recognize their awareness and push their limitations by looking for extreme activities or sports – to me that’s true spirituality!

Isn’t it cold anymore?

No, if you know how you have to control your body. Once you figure out how to control your central nervous system, you can control dopamine production. Dopamine reduces the pain receptors in your body. The body is capable of enduring a lot, but you have to know how it works!

Were there ever cold injuries?

Once! He was in Lapland and walked 18 km barefoot. He was having blood circulation problems and suddenly his leg felt like wood. It was completely deaf!

The doctors said that he had irreparable damage, gave him a box of pills and medicine and said: Keep the wound dry and come back in a few months. Wim did exactly the opposite and started to heal himself. He didn’t take the pills and on the wound he used only milking fat. After a month he was well again.

How was your experience in the desert?

Wim thought Ok, you have mastered the cold, what about heat? So he went to Namibia and participated in a marathon without any prior specific training. He didn’t even drink anything! The doctor who supervised him said that his body temperature remained constant at 37 degrees during the run. Something, he never saw in his life before!

He should have been completely dehydrated at this point already! When in fact he lacked 5.2 liters of fluids! After a good deal of water and a few beers, Wim was fine again.

What’s next on the map?

Wim will put together a troop for an ascent of the Kilimanjaro in mid-January. There will be 25 people, wearing only mountain boots and shorts and the goal is to be up on the mountain in 36 hours. This is Wim Hof’s way of showing that anyone can do it!

Now you also want to run around naked in the snow! What do you have to do?

As an exercise you should start to take an ice-cold shower after every warm shower. After some time, you will see how this alone will change your body feeling. And steadily breathe more and more than you think is necessary!

If you want to know how to best use the Wim Hof technique for you, download it from his website.

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