Is Democracy Just A Simulation?


That our EU democracy is just a simulation has meanwhile spread to the “Generation YouTube”. What the people want and what politics decides has little to do with each other. While the elites can assume that the people’s representatives always implement laws to their advantage, the wishes of the “little man” are not even considered to begin with.

Similarly, manipulative and directed against the interests of the mass, act our media. Their job is to soothe our minds so that indignation never goes against the top of the power pyramid. Moreover, one can count on them to always campaign for war as needed, while in the same time warning and helping to mobilize against peace activists.

How can the average citizen of the normal people fight against these conditions? By making a “media diet”. Mass media have become weapons of mass destruction, and citizens should avoid them, just as they should not fall for political advertising.

Anyone who is currently following the call to participate in the EU election should realize that this same EU Parliament is just staffage. Decisions are made in Brussels at most by moneyed companies, corporations or lobby groups. Representatives of the people do not really have anything to say in the EU. Anyone who wants to come to Brussels as a “representative of the people” works primarily on his own career.

Important political decisions can only be implemented by the people on their own. We urgently need extra-parliamentary opposition and, at the same time, replace representative democracy with a direct democracy. The network gives us the opportunity. Let’s form networks and finally we deprive those who pretend to represent us, while in truth they betray our future and that of our children to the aristocracy.

Civil disobedience starts with staying away from elections that mean nothing, since no party is tied to their election promises and their party program. They screw the voter. Always.

We can’t afford this fake democracy anymore. The problems to be solved on this planet are too big and the consequences too brutal for us to waste another year trusting politicians and the mainstream media again. They have betrayed us too often. It’s time we take our lives into our own hands. New, alternative media can help us break down enemy images in order to cooperate worldwide.

In my opinion there is no alternative to world peace.


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