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Yet another attempt to fight my chubbiness and reboot my system after months of enjoying delicious home-cooked plant-based comfort meals I prepare for my family and friends and that I couldn’t resist. Although it wasn’t my first juice reboot and I am not an expert in that matter I just want to share my experience with all of you, because I am sure you want to know my Juice Reboot Results from this time fast, don’t you? Over the years I eat myself to become chubby bear like “Balou” and after extensive research on the subject of juice fasting and watching the Joe Cross documentary Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead I was doing those juice reboot fasts once a year at least and this time I was going for a full July reboot month. Before I went from my first reboot that went on 90 days to some small 2 weeks reboots and one over six months reboot a couple of years ago. But no matter the duration the benefits of my juice reboot fast gives me always the same amazing results.

The first and foremost benefit for me after 31 days of drinking fresh juice made of organic vegetables and fruits is of course weight loss and indeed I lost 32.63 lb or 14.8 kg during the month and I feel awesome. My sleep improved as well, no longer waking-up in the middle of the night or having to start my day at 5am because I couldn’t sleep anymore. I just slept like a baby through the night till 8am and as I learned trough my research online my body detoxed as well and got rid of all the toxins as well as free radicals I picked-up eating plant-based processed foods. I am sure it boosted my immune system as well as my eyesight got better, my skin rejuvenated, and it cleansed my digestive system. Those juice fasts energize my body to regenerate and because when I juice fast all the veggies and fruits are in liquid form all the nutrients goodness is easily absorbed so therefore has a more effective impact than eating it in solid. On the dark side the first three days are always more difficult and usually start with headaches, cramps and a certain lethargy that I had to overcome, but when I push through each day after is a real enhancement while the juice benefits start to kick-in.

So, you too say hello to good skin, a slimmer and more vitalized body, after you succeed with your 30 days juice fast program.

Just Try It Now

And get the juice reboot results I got and even more benefits that you can find out about be continuing reading my tips and tricks for a successful juice reboot journey. I will also share more benefits of juicing below that I picked-up during my research over time, so you can go from zero to hero in no time and start-up your successful juice fast journey no matter if you plan to go on a 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days or even longer juice fast journey.

Your success is most important to me therefore you should follow these…

Steps To Take As A Newbie Before You Start A Juice Reboot Fast

  • First and foremost, you should consult your doctor to check you out and make sure you are fit for a juice fast. It is better to be safe than sorry and not take unnecessary health risks if you have a condition.
  • Get a durable quality juicer you can rely on to produce healthy organic juices to enjoy. If you want to check out the slow juicer I recommend just follow this link and read my review. 
  • Find a local organic fruit and veggie farmer or retailer in your area, to get the best quality produce to juice and put your focus on vegetables to juice. Fruits are just to make it taste better. Don’t buy too long in advance, try always to buy as fresh as possible.
  • Also, just try to always juice fresh and drink it within fifteen minutes to keep the nutritional values intact so you get the most out of your juice journey and for sure don’t drink packed juices that you can find in your grocery store or supermarket.
  • Beside drinking juice, you need also drink lots of water to stay hydrated. I drink at least 3 liters of alkaline water beside my three 32oz juices. Choose the water that works best for you, but it should be at least purified or filtered water.
  • After you finish your juice fast journey and you go back to solid foods eat gradually and allow your body to readapt and get use to solid food again. This is even more important the longer your juice fast journey went. So, please don’t complement yourself with a feast on the first day after your juice fast. Just start with solid fruits and vegetables for a few days, maybe salads is a way to go for you as well. This is my personally preferred choice after a juice fast, but this year I will transition into a vegan keto diet after my juice fast journey.

So, if you want to follow my vegan keto journey too just check out this link for a complete guide about the ketogenic diet and some delicious vegan keto recipes will be shared on my recipe section of this blog.

– Join in and let’s do this together –

Best Method To Shift In Of Your Juice Fast

Ready to go on a juice fast now?!  While I always go in “cold turkey” it may seem tempting to others too and just dive in head first but making the entire method a bit more calculated and gradual can help you take full advantage of your results and lessen potential unwanted symptoms of drastic change, like headache or upset stomach. This is factual on both ends of your juice fast; shifting in and shifting out can make all the difference in letting your fast to be a launch pad for a long-lasting period of well eating and well-being, rather than just another short-term diet-like tragedy.

What is a Juice Fast?

A juice fast is a time-frame during which one pledges to only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices.  It’s an easy, lovely way to aid improve your consumption of fruits and vegetables and therefore general well-being.  A juice fast is much more than just another diet, it is a time to help your body to reboot. Re-tune your body, taste buds and cravings tough wards a healthy lifestyle, that will improve your energy levels and to experience again how good it feels to take in all those vibrant micro-nutrients mother nature envisioned for us to enjoy. Find the right way that works best for you.

How to Shift IN: 

One week prior to your juice fast you gonna want to start changing the way you consume food to get your body prepared. The aim is to aid and increase your nutrient consumption and get yourself familiarized to a natural yet healthy, plant-based diet.

Say Ta-Ta To: all the bad foods like processed junk foods, white flours, sugar/desserts, fried food, fast food, processed meats, soda, diet soda and drinks, sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages, alcohol, and initiate to deter yourself off caffeine.

Say Howdy To: fresh and vibrant foods full of life like fresh salads, homecooked soups, freshly blended smoothies and of course fresh juices with a variety of bio fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, nuts, seeds, natural nut butters, beans, leafy greens and legumes. Get habituated to consuming more water and sensing the wonderful feeling of being well hydrated.  Work up to 64oz (2 L) of water each day and enjoy adding in fresh lemon, lime or mint leaves for flavor and vitamin C.  

Shift off animal proteins: All your protein should come from solely plant-based sources such as beans, nuts, legumes (for example, hummus, chick peas, lentils, edamame, tofu, seitan, etc…). 

Shift off dairy: Choose non-dairy milks like almond, rice and coconut milk and get it unsweetened. Same goes for cheese, just choose plant-based cheeses, and by the end of day 5, all those should be out of your diet too.

Here Are My 3 Favorite Juices

During my juice fasts I don’t like much variation in the menu and I prefer the same juice routine. I wouldn’t recommend you imitate this during your juice reboot, but for me it works best – so find below my breakfast, lunch and dinner juice that I enjoy on a daily base:

Breakfast Smoothie

2 Bananas

2 Ripe Mangoes

I blend the fruits in my blender together with some ice cubes to fill a 32oz mason jar

Lunch Juice

1 quarter pineapple

2 green apples

1 bunch of kale (spinach or bok choy)

2 cucumbers

1 piece of ginger

2 stalks of celery

1 lemon (or lime)

Just juice the fruits and vegetables together until you fill a 32az mason jar with my special mean green juice

Dinner Juice

1 chunk of pumpkin

2 carrots

2 apples

1 piece of turmeric

1 piece of ginger

1 lemon (or lime)

Just juice the fruits and vegetables together until you fill a 32az mason jar with this orange juice

Take your time while enjoying your juices stress free

For more delicious juice recipes, jump right in here to find over 200 juice recipes that will help you lose weight, gain energy and thrive. I am sure you will find the right juices to make your juice fast journey a success.

More Benefits That You Can Experience During Your Juice Fast

Beside the few benefits that I mentioned before and that I enjoy most during and after my juice fast, over the years during my research I stumbled across other benefits that other people report about and I took the liberty to enumerate some of these here below for you:

  • Elderly people who often don’t produce enough stomach acid or the many people who are on acid-suppression drugs due to bad eating habits or other conditions – making sure your stomach has to work less extracting nutrients from your juice can be very beneficial, because juices require less of the digestive processing, means they are easy on the stomach and allow the stomach to get longer periods of rest. For an even better digestion, just try to moderately chew the juices so they can combine with oral enzymes to further ease the digestion process for your stomach.
  • In this day and age, toxic foods lurk everywhere and saturated fats, refined carbs, processed foods with additives and pesticides even when you are on a plant-based diet like I am can impair the intestine’s functioning in the same way as taking medications such as antibiotics and even stress. All those can be reasons that create an imbalance in your guts’ flora and fauna as well as actual breaks in the intestinal barrier resulting in a “leaky gut” – allowing substances into your body that shouldn’t pass unchecked. That’s why nutrient-dense rainbow juice diet allows your food to assimilate speedily trough your intestinal tract, consuming less energy while the toxin-free and nutrient dense organic nourishment helps repair the gut.
  • If we talk detox our main organ is taking on this job is our liver. Each and every molecule of food passing through our body that is absorbed trough our intestinal wall moves into the liver for detoxification before being allowed to enter the rest of our body. Fibers are not absorbed by our intestinal tract but are most valuable as they clean the guts and at the end come out as dung. But back to the liver, the problem is there are too many toxins for our livers to handle with many getting a free pass into the general circulation to inflict mayhem in aloof cells in our body. With an organic juice cleans you allow the liver to rest and rejuvenate to take on the overload once you are back to your bad food habits.
  • Although juicing doesn’t reduce your stomach, it certainly feels like it as it reduces your appetite. Juicing eliminates your bad habit of comfort eating and makes you feel satisfied, which provides a big psychological boost to help you change your bad food habits and doesn’t make it feel like an insurmountable obstacle anymore.
  • If you are a slave to think what your next meal is going to be, juicing takes this off your shoulders, because during your juice fast you consume only fresh whole foods and you don’t have to worry what to cook next. Not only do you feel satiated, but at one point you comprehend that you are no longer slaves to our dependences with habitually very harmful diets.
  • A juice fast can help you eliminate harmful foods, because juicing eliminates dairy, wheat, gluten and other harmful foods as well as coffee and alcohol from your diet. Being off these foods and other common trigger foods for a certain period of time can help identify and define what foods are causing your body problems once you reintroduce them individually after your juice reboot.
  • Juices are by nature raw foods and retain nutrients that would be destroyed by cooking, including some B vitamins and especially digestive and anti-inflammatory enzymes. Being on a whole food diet gives us not only the vitamins and minerals but also the all-important micronutrients that are real powerhouses for the clean-up and healing processes of your body to make it thrive.
  • With every day you are feeling better and more energized, you will naturally lose weight as well. Some of the weight you lose is water, muscle but some of it is fat as well. Even a three day juice cleanse could be an awesome way to jump start your diet, it not only helps control your appetite and cravings but it is naturally lowering your calorie intake while in the same time supplying your body with nutrient dense, energizing and healing foods than it has ever seen before.
  • After the first days of transition period during which you can experience headaches and other unwelcoming symptoms of cessation or others, quickly by consuming only fresh organic juices you will start to feel more energy and clarity than ever before while being on regular caffeine intake.
  • People often neglect to hydrate their body adequately; some folks just consume inadequate fluids having diuretics such as coffee or tea as their main beverages other people mainly older people just forget to drink sufficient fluids. But also during the juice fast you have to pay attention to drinking a sufficient amount of water, at least five to six glasses in addition to the fresh juices because it makes your body function more efficiently, increases your energy levels, often successfully helps removing the afternoon blahs and brain fog and aids with the eradication of toxins more efficiently.
  • To reduce physical problems just take a break, rest your body and mind and flood it with nutrients with fresh organic juices. After a few days into your juice reboot you will generally feel quickly better. Not just your energy level starts mounting but many chronic symptoms like headaches, bloating, rashes, cramping, general aches, gas, congested sinuses and chest will improve as well. Too often our body has to fight off the bad things we do to it especially with food, but also with lack of sleep, an inactive lifestyle and too much stress. From time to time your body needs a time out and being swamped with super-nutrients.
  • Do you know that on average 147 industrial chemicals are stored in Americans’ bloodstreams with many of them also present in newborns too. To best help the detoxification process of your body naturally you need to supply your body with a wide-ranging of abounding plant nutrients like anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. By providing your temple with super-nutrient dense foods, juicing allows your body to have more properties that are needed to fight cumulative toxins stored in your body and get rid of them through a more efficient detoxification process.
  • Being on an organic raw plant-based diet like juicing allows cells to work optimally to re-establish proper and efficient inner messaging and manufacturing methods allowing the mitochondria to generate energy without having to fight off an overabundance of free radicals and inflammations as well as dropping some of the disorders damaging to proper DNA functioning.

Juicing works great for me as well as many other people out there and we know of all the health benefits that a juice fast brings with it but be cautious and always consult a doctor before your start your juice fast journey even more if you are pregnant, underweight, overweight, diabetic, heart disease, low blood pressure or if you have any other life-threatening health conditions.

Although a juice fast will improve your over-all health and can help recover from many conditions my motto is always “better safe than sorry”.

Best Method To Shift Out Of Your Juice Fast

How to Shift OUT:

Let’s talk about how you can moderately and progressively transition to consuming more complex nutrition, while remaining to take in fresh juice daily in your regime.

First and foremost, avoid fast food, packaged foods, meat, dairy and high-fat foods for at least one week after your juice fast. You should really have the objective to cut all these out of your diet and go more towards a fully plant-based diet, especially after enjoying days of fresh fruits, vegetables and juice, your body will not be pleased if you jump right back into ingesting these foods tersely, and the consequence will likely be stomach pain, bloating, indigestion, and fatigue. Not to mention retrieval of the weight you might have lost during the juice fast.

Some predominant values include:

  • Eat smaller amounts and try to eat less often, give your body time to digest – intermitting fasting might be also a way for you to go from here on.
  • Consider how you prepare your meals to boost the digestibility of your food — bake, broil, grill, roast and steam your food. Try to avoid stir-frying.
  • Dodge fried foods or anything with a lot of oil or extra fats since these are harder to digest for your system.

Here are some tips and suggestions for planning your meals for the first, post juice fast week.

Days 1 & 2

  • Continue to include fresh juice at least once a day – either as a meal replacement or along with a meal. You should make the changeover slower and for 3-5 days, stay just juice on during the day and enjoy a plant-based, well-balanced meal for supper.
  • Continue to embrace lots of fresh fruits and vegetables thru your day with meals as well as with snacks in-between.
  • Choose as many local, seasonal, organic foods as possible.
  • Keep up with the regular consumption of plenty of water to stay well hydrated.
  • During the first couple of days of your shift-out, consume only fresh bio fruits and vegetables in the form of juices, smoothies, and raw salads.

Day 3

  • Go for fresh raw foods like salads for your plant-based meals.  You may find that you tolerate gluten-free whole grains best at first like quinoa. The juice-fast is a great way to experience an elimination diet and by slowly adding foods back in your diet, can help determine any that you may be sensitive to, like gluten.

Day 4

  • Following, add back plant-based proteins, like nuts, seeds or beans, to your regular meals and in-between snacks routine. The extra protein intake and whole grains will give you the possibility to add nutrients to your body in a diversity of different meal arrangements like salads and soups, to help rehabilitate your digestive tract smoothly for handling healthy solid foods regularly again.

Day 5

  • Add back grains with gluten if you wish, such as whole wheat, barley, wheat berries, couscous. Like this you can find out if you are gluten intolerant.

Day 6

  • Continue to consume a large diversity of vegetables and fruits with all meals and snacks, cooked as well as fresh.

Day 7

  • Now that you’ve sidestepped dairy foods, red meats and sugary foods for additional 5-7 days following your juice-fast to help prevent digestive discomfort.  Why should you go back now? Just stay with your plant-based diet, add vegan cheese, tofu and seitan to your diet. Be selective about the quality and stay organic all the way.


  • No matter what you decide at the end just plan to always include fresh juices regularly and plenty of plant-based foods each and every day to your diet for optimal health and well-being.

It’s just as important to plan how and where you plan to eat immediately following your juice-fast as well as what you will be eating.  Keep in mind that the amazing practice you just experienced during your fast can help launch you into a lifetime of healthy eating.

Many folks find consuming just juice very simple, easy, effective and forthright, but when planning of how to go food shopping, preparing meals and eating in social surroundings, it can give you an overwhelming sensation. Therefore, I propose you to join in on my vegan keto diet routine including intermittent fasting for more assistance, inspiration and support with the transition process and help in reaching your goals on a long run. 

Share your juice-fast experiences with me here below and let me know what your biggest challenges were once you transitioned back into your daily life. 

I look forward to hear from you!

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