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Wim Hof holds 20 Guinness world records for enduring extreme temperatures.

He ran a full marathon, barefoot at -20 ° C above the Arctic Circle, as well as in one of the hottest desert areas of the world, the Namib Desert at 50 ° C, without drinking and eating. He climbed the Kilimanjaro with only short shorts and shoes. In addition, he was able to prove under scientific conditions that he can consciously regulate his immune system. In the study, Wim Hof was injected with endotoxins, which usually causes severe flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, chills, vomiting and headache. This study has previously been carried out on 240 different individuals.

When Wim Hof’s body battles with the pathogens, there are clear differences in comparison to the previous subjects. The experiments during the study show that Wim’s immune response reacts with a remarkable change in the stress hormone cortisol.

Wim manages to stop the disease within a short time. The doctors are incredulous. Your explanation: Exceptions confirm the rule. But Wim Hof is not satisfied with that. He suggests that an arbitrary group (including the study’s infidel physicians) intensively investigate his method, which would help them to control their autoimmune response, to train them for one week , and then repeat the study with the subjects.

In the second study, 24 people are injected with pathogens. There are 12 normal persons and 12 who were trained by Wim Hof. The twelve normal individuals all have the typical disease symptoms, while the trained subjects are all able to stop the disease response.

A follow-up study, the first study on Wim, showed that his body could do other incredible things. These include, for example, the suppression of the immune reaction, a massive release of adrenaline and a 300% increase in his metabolism.

The Wim-Hof Method:

The Wim-Hof method is similar in many ways to Tummo (inner heat) and Pranayama (a yoga breathing exercise). Nevertheless, it is completely different. Although Wim has learned meditation and yoga for many years, he calls his only true teacher and master the cold. Experiencing the extremely harsh conditions of nature has taught him to be resistant to heat, cold and fear.

Wim believes that, with some practice, humans are able to control their hormonal responses, which are controlled via the limbic system, and the autonomic response of the autonomic nervous system through the breath.

The first part is a breathing exercise and is somewhat similar to controlled hyperventilation.

Of course this happens without the influence of hyperventilation-typical stress. It is normal to experience tingling, drowsiness and sluggishness during the breathing exercise. The tingling comes from the increased oxygen supply that flows through the cells and the blood.

This type of breathing has an alkaline effect on the body. In addition, a substance called DMT is released, which is also released in near-death experiences and often in massive doses in spiritual awakening experiences.

1) Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes

Take a meditative attitude (just make yourself comfortable). Your lungs should be able to expand freely, without any restriction. It is recommended to run this routine immediately after waking up.

2) Warm-up

Take a deep breath. Inhale air until you feel a slight pressure in your chest on the solar plexus. Hold this for a moment. Now you push out as much air as you can. Hold that for a moment. Repeat this warm-up round 15 times.

3) 30 power breaths

Imagine blowing a balloon. Inhale as much air through the nose as possible and release the breath through the mouth. Breathe in fully and just let go through the mouth (do not exhale completely). The tempo of the breath should be faster, but not rushed. As you breathe in, your stomach fills with air and moves outward, and back in when exhaling. Use your belly / hip area actively. Repeat this 30 times or until you realize that your body is saturated with oxygen.

-> Scan the body

During your 30 power breaths, get as deep as possible into your body with your attention. Move your focus up and down the body and use your intuition to feel which body parts need more energy.  Imagine heat there. Feel how your whole body fills with warmth and energy.

Some people report buzzing colors and visuals. If that’s the case, you do not need to be scared. Discover this inner world and its influence on tensions and blockages in your body.

4) Hold

After the 30 fast breathing cycles, you breathe in the maximum amount of air in a deep breath without spending too much energy. Then you squeeze all the air out and hold it as long as possible. Lower the chin slightly so that you prevent the re-entry of air. Your body does not need oxygen for a while now. Relax and let go. You can notice how all the oxygen in your body spreads. Keep that up until you feel like you’re gasping in the upper part of your chest.

5) Recovery breath

Breathe in completely again and feel how your chest is expanding. Release all tension in the Solar Plexus. When you reach full capacity, hold your breath and put your chin on your chest and hold it for about 15 seconds. Maybe you notice that you can direct the energy with your attention. Use this time to scan, where blockages and tension still are. Feel the blockages dissipating and the whole body filling with light and energy (this may sound funny at first, but it is just one of the many mechanisms that are happening in the body and only now can be scientifically proven). Let go of everything now. Your body knows better than your mind. After 15 seconds you have completed the first round

Start the exercise with one or two laps. Try to do the exercise daily and do two more laps after a few days. When you feel more comfortable holding your breath, you can do certain strength and stretching exercises, such as push-ups or yoga poses to this exercise.

Use of cold:

Now that you have scanned your body in the last exercise, you are now ready to face the cold. It is very important that you relax as much as possible, because that is the only way your body can process the present signals and start the thermogenesis.

Cold showers:

Start with your feet and walk the body up over your legs, stomach, shoulders, neck and back until you get to the head. Try to breathe easily and stay calm. Hyperventilation and shivering are normal.

If you feel pain or numbness, you should get back into the heat as soon as possible.

Around your veins are small muscles that contract when cold. After some time (according to Wim 1-2 weeks) these muscles become stronger, which improves the health of your veins and relieves your heart because it does not take me so much strength to pump the blood.

The degree of cold can be increased over time. At some point you got so used to the cold that you do not need to take a shower at all. Pay attention to how well you feel after taking a cold shower, and how lethargic you feel after a warm shower.

Ice bath:

After a few weeks of cold showering, you can dare to ice-bath. Get 2-3 bags of ice cubes from the supermarket or gas station and put them in a half-full bath. Now you wait until about 2/3 of the ice has melted, or until the water has reached your desired temperature (10 to 12 ° C). If you want it to go faster, you can put in a few hands of salt.

As with the cold showers, you should try to relax as much as possible. You can start with about 10 minutes and then increase with time. If you feel weird, you should leave the water. It’s normal that it feels like, as if it’s getting colder again after the ice bath. Have a hot drink afterwards, if you want.

But before the hot drink, it is important to scan the body again after the ice bath!

!Properly done and practiced, these exercises can be incredibly powerful!

[Note: the list of techniques listed here is only part of the understanding of the method. Therefore, I advise everyone to listen to their own physical limitations!]

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