Vegan Cooking Programs

“The truth is that a plant based diet is not only ideal for the human body but for the environment as well. In today’s time and age to ignore the facts and refuse to follow a plant based diet is criminally negligent.” – Mark Hyman, MD


Rookie Cook’s Program

Fresh Start Consultation
  • Recipes for 3 Solid Meals a Day

    Get a different set of plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes each month for you to easily prepare at home within 60 minutes.

  • Step-By-Step Training Guide

    With this program you can treat your family and loved ones like a chef.

  • Weekly Shopping List

    You will also get a weekly list for your grocery shopping to have everything at hand including substitute products if your favorite shop runs out of the ingredient needed.

  • Bonus

    As a bonus I will add a few snack treats to make life even more enjoyable.

Raw Food Program

Back to the Roots
  • Want to go fully raw?

    I will send you a monthly, fully raw plant-based food schedule including recipes with instructions to feed you nutrient-dense healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) that you can easily prepare yourself.

  • Weekly Shopping List

    I will add a weekly shopping list for your groceries including substitute ingredients if the ones in the initial recipe are not available.

  • Raw for the Pleasure

    With this program you can go fully raw without missing out on tasty treats.

  • Nutritional Insight

    A well balanced meal plan is the key to glowing skin and happiness.

Reboot Juice Program

Personal Transformation Plan
  • Reboot your System

    Reboot your body and life with this program, which is designed for you to get the intake of nutrients necessary to detox your body and boost your health.

  • 30 Days Plan

    The program is setup for a 30-day reboot, but you can cut it down to a week or expand it to a 90-day juicing period, whatever you feel comfortable with.

  • Shopping List and Planing

    Each day will have 5 juices for you and you will get a daily grocery list with the ingredients needed to prepare your fresh juices day-by-day.

  • Bonus

    To spice up your Life additional Smoothies and Juice Recipes.

Holiday Cooking Program

Plant Based for the Special Occasion
  • Holidays & Special Occasions

    Lot of people on a plant-based diet struggle when it comes to holiday seasons or family gatherings.

  • Recipes that reflect your Love & Care

    With this annual program, you will get 3-course plant-based meal suggestions for each main holiday or gathering to impress your family and friends without missing out on their taste buds’ expectations.

  • Shopping Plan

    You will get a grocery list for each meal to buy the necessary ingredients to prepare tasty treats for your loved ones.

  • Online Consultations

    Don’t Panic – I will be with, you just one click away.

Testimonials for Michel Nilles

This is the program that really helped me streamline my health. Through education, support and the BEST nutritional aids on the market, my health went from good to GREAT.

Erica Powell, 32, New York

When I met Melanie, my top three goals were to lose weight, get healthy, and walk without pain. Melanie opened my eyes to the way of healthy living by educating. Thank you.

Mary Austin, 42, New York

I consider Melanie an expert in food and everything else to live a healthy life! I was looking for knowledge in eating healthier and advice on how to live a more balanced healthy lifestyle.

Lily Porter, 38, New York