Round, Healthy, Colorful – 8 Reasons To Eat Apples


An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Of course there are good reasons why apples should be eaten on the remaining days of the year. I have put together the following eight for you.

A fruit with symbolic power

In the Eurasian cultures, the apple is a symbol of love, sexuality, fertility and life, of knowledge and decision, and of wealth. Is not all this what we secretly wish for? So Goethe lets his fist announce: “The apple you desire very, and already from the paradise ago. I feel moved by pleasures that my garden also bears such weight”.

Eating apples is healthy

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is a well-known English proverb, and indeed the apple turns out to be a healthy miracle. Its high content of fiber, flavonoids and polyphenols cleanse the body of metabolic toxins, which earned him the nickname “broom for the body”. The regular consumption of fruit rich in nutrients strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and cancer. Apples are an old home remedy for inflammatory joint pain and both constipation and diarrhea. The outermost layer of an apple is especially healthy. Therefore, it should be thoroughly washed before eating but not peeled. I recommend to buy the fruits only in the health food store or from orchards, because they are much less burdened with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Makes tired athletes and hikers happy

Whoever sweats loses potassium. If we lack this mineral, the nerves pass on stimuli only sparingly to the muscles. Then we soon lack the strength to take the next step. The apple supplies fast replenishment. Since it also consists of 85 percent water, it is certainly suitable as a thirst quencher, if on the way there is no water at hand.

Apples save lives

Every vegetable, every fruit, every apple that we eat instead of products of animal origin is a contribution to animal, environmental and human protection. Vegan nutrition is so easy.

The jack of all trades in the kitchen

On the whole, grated, pureed, juiced, canned, steamed, baked and cooked, in cereal, as a fruit salad, to hearty food, in the soup, as apple peel tea and on the cake – hardly a fruit can be prepared and found in so many ways and used in as many recipes as the apple.

Apples are delicious

In the kitchen, the apple shows up as a jack of all trades. The taste of the different varieties is varied. It ranges from sour to sweet and from floury to juicy. Unfortunately, traded breeds such as Elstar, Braeburn, Gala and Jonagold are mostly available on the market. Old apple varieties usually offer more flavor and vital substances. Of these you will find in the supermarket only the sour Boskop. It is worth looking and asking for the old varieties on farmer’s markets, in the health food store, in fruit and horticultural associations and in orchard meadows owners.

Regional and seasonal fruit up into the spring

There are several reasons to buy regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables. The most obvious is that their life cycle assessment is usually better than food that is transported by air. Due to their good shelf life, apples are available almost all year round. If you buy apples in the supermarket in spring, they have spent several months in modern cold stores. It is more sustainable and cheaper to stock up with a fruit farmer in the region after the harvest and store the apples in a cool, high-humidity room. Some varieties last until June.

Eating apples as a minimalist act

The round thing is a simple snack on the go, because it is naturally packaged by its protective shell and thanks to the compact form it fits everywhere. At home, I recommend the following experiment: Wash an apple. Make yourself comfortable on the couch or in the garden. Close your eyes. Bite into the apple. Eat it with pleasure and without hurry to the slug. Only then open your eyes again … Eating apples is pure minimalism.

How do you like eating apples? Do you even have a favorite variety?


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