Sardinia – Get To Know And Love The Caribbean Of Europe


Dream destination for sun worshipers, hot-spot for celebrities, paradise for surfers, mecca for active vacationers – Sardinia is so diverse!

If the Italian island is not yet familiar, Sardinia is definitely worth to be known and you will fall in love with its beauty.

Mostly, a real desire for longing is only one thing – either so expensive that only well-heeled exquisite luxury can enjoy, so stormy that only the heart of every surfer rises or so far away that a holiday on site is only worthwhile over several weeks.

The Italian island of Sardinia shows that things can be done differently. So diverse and breathtaking, it is not only a haven for high society, but a paradise for surfers and anyone else looking for a memorable yet affordable holiday.

So it’s high time to dedicate an honorable article to this beautiful island, which has long been known to lovers of Europe as the Caribbean of Europe.

“Sardinia tips – Make a round trip through the Caribbean of Europe”

Holidays in Sardinia – Travel & Accommodation

What could be more appropriate than to head for the second largest island in the Mediterranean by plane? You will certainly not come to Sardinia in a hassle-free and, above all, faster way, after all a flight takes just under two hours.

The flights are not expensive either. With Ryanair you can, for example, get real bargain prices and fly for 30 € each way to Alghero, Olbia or Cagliari.

Alternatively, you can also travel by car including crossing by ferry. Of course, this has the advantage of being able to carry as much luggage as you want. But be warned – you decide to ride a car or even a bus, you’re traveling for more than a day.

I already had a bus ride to Sardinia behind me and can tell you, 36 hours can be quite long. Once on the island, I recommend you to hire a car to explore. Traveling around on public transport such as buses is possible, but quite a bit more complicated and arduous.

After arrival and departure are clarified so far, the question arises, how or where you want to spend your vacation. Do you long for a luxurious hotel or do you prefer a holiday apartment in Sardinia?

Many affordable holiday homes boast a terrace in Sardinia with sea views. Or do you want to be close to the adventure and spend the nights under the open sky? I can only recommend camping on this island.

The self-sufficiency is a breeze: Everywhere there are supermarkets, where you can stock up on supplies to cook yourself.

Sardinia’s coasts – too beautiful to be true

Do you also belong to those who leave the suitcase immediately after arrival and want to go to the beach? Feel the sand between your toes, take a run and jump into the sea – only then you have really arrived on vacation!

If you feel the same, I can only welcome you to Sardinia, because there are really beautiful sandy beaches waiting for you on the island. Oh, what am I undermining because – fantastic beaches are waiting for you! Some have already been voted into the top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

With a coastline of almost 2,000 kilometers and many picturesque coves, the beaches are characterized by fine, golden yellow to white sand, azure water, which sometimes emerald green, sometimes shimmering turquoise, depending on the light and depth of the sea, and rugged, wild rocks.

Thus, it is not surprising that Sardinia is quite rightly called the Caribbean of Europe.

The north coast of Sardinia – Ideal for surfers & sunbathers

As already mentioned, Sardinia is a true surfers paradise. On the north coast between Palau and the Capo Testa almost always an ideal breeze blowing, which is ideal for windsurfers.

But perhaps the most popular place for surfing is Porto Puddu near Palau, where the surfing community from all over Europe meets to compete in surfing. But not only surfers get their money’s worth on the northern coast of Sardinia, because the underwater world around Sardinia is as varied as the landscape of the island.

“The sea shimmers here in all shades of turquoise”

Delightful coastlines, sunken Roman galleys, rugged cliffs, rare mussel species and colonies of sea bream attract every year a number of diving fans to the island. In busy places like Palau, but also on coastlines such as the Santa Teresa di Gallura or the Costa Paradiso, you will find the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.

A blue sea, red rocks and fine sand invite you to relax between Isola Rossa and Portobello. If you would like to be active on holiday, I recommend a trip to Monte Limbara, the highest mountain in the north of Sardinia with about 1360 meters. On clear days you can even see the coast of the neighboring island of Corsica after a hike to the viewing platform.

Alternatively, you can also take a trip to Capo Testa, the most northern point of Sardinia. Formed by wind and waves granite rocks dominate the landscape of the cape and small bays make it a popular destination in northern Sardinia.

The northwest coast of Sardinia – wild coasts off the beaten track

If you are looking for beautiful bays and wild landscapes away from the tourist crowds on the Costa Smeralda, then you are in good hands on Sardinia’s northwest coast.

Places such as Sassari, the second largest city of the island, Alghero and Bosa invite you to take a leisurely stroll through winding streets. Later in the post you will learn what makes Alghero so special and why you should pay a visit to the town.

But I’ll give you a tip already: With the Neptune grotto at Capo Caccia you will find on the northwest coast of Sardinia a real highlight of the island. Hundreds of stone steps lead into the fascinating stalactite cave, which is a real eye-catcher with its stalagmites and stalactites.

Real Caribbean flair comes on for example at the Spiaggia La Pelosa, in the extreme northwest of Sardinia. The sand here is white and powdery soft and the sea shimmering in all the turquoise tones that the eye can only grasp.

A paradise for beach lovers, but especially in the high season can be a bit crowded. It is best to head further south, because then you will come across more beaches that are less crowded, but at least as beautiful. These include, for example, the beaches Cala dell’Argentiera, Cala Rocchi di San Nicola and the Spiaggia di Porto Ferro, all of which can score with their clean and clear water.

A little insider tip is the Spiaggia di Porto Tangone, located in a bay between Alghero and Bosa, which can score not only with its location but also with its seclusion. Such beautiful, almost deserted bays you’ll find along the coast to Bosa again and again, so that a road trip along the northwest coast of Sardinia is well worth it.

Once in Bosa, you can, for example, pay a visit to the natural pool of Cane Malu, which is relatively unknown by tourists as one of the most unusual squares in Sardinia.

The west coast of Sardinia – the coast of colors

Similar to the northwest, the western coast of Sardinia has so far been spared from mass tourism. Families with children and those seeking peace will love the west coast of Sardinia.

Great beaches can be found with the Spiaggia di Is Arutas, for example, on the Sinis Peninsula, northwest of Oristano.

The beach is characterized by its bright quartz sand, which shines in all pastel shades and together with the turquoise of the sea gives a uniquely beautiful sight. In addition, the west coast of Sardinia gets a special Caribbean touch thanks to the regular visit of flamingos.

Yes, you read that right, flamingos. So if you’ve always dreamed of meeting the pink contemporaries on Aruba’s Flamingo Beach, you should just fly to Sardinia!

Another highlight on the west coast of Sardinia is the green coast of Costa Verde. The name “green” is given to the coast not because of the flora, but because of the emerald color that the sea has on this stretch of coast.

The south coast of Sardinia – busy cities & extensive beaches

Astonishingly, Sardinia’s southern coast around Cagliari, the capital of the island, is also considered to be little developed.

This is especially surprising when one hears that the longest sandy beaches of the whole island are located in Sardinia’s south. Popular sprawling beaches include the Spiaggia di Chia, the Spiaggia di Nora near Pula, the Spiaggia di Frutti d’Oro near La Maddalena, and the Spiaggia del Poetto Quartu Sant’Elena near Cagliari.

In addition to the island’s capital Cagliari, you will find in Pula (not to be confused with the Croatian Pula) another place where life rages. Numerous bars, restaurants and hotels in every price range make for a welcome change after a relaxing day on the beach.

History buffs should also visit the harbor town of Nora. Here interesting archaeological finds, such as the remains of an amphitheater, from the time of the Romans were found.

The east coast of Sardinia – rugged cliffs & secluded bays

In the heart of eastern Sardinia hides a jewel of the island: Ogliastra. The beautiful, breathtaking and picturesque landscape is characterized mainly by its rugged rocks and mountains, which make the panorama of the East unique.

If you climb these mountains, you can truly enjoy an unforgettable view. On nearby beaches, such as the Spiaggia della Marina di Tertenia, the Spiaggia di Cala E ‘Luas or the Spiaggia di Perd’e Pera, you can feel the fine sand between your toes after a walk and really relax.

“The beautiful bays are often deserted!”

One of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Sardinia can be found with the Spiaggia di Su Barone near the nice village Orosei, where you should absolutely stroll after your beach visit and drink a typical Sardinian wine. More holiday feeling is not possible!

Spectacular are also the beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzè, which are located on the eastern foothills of the Gennargentu National Park and are thus somewhat less accessible.

What sounds like a disadvantage first turns out to be a real strength, because the extraordinary bays are often deserted, especially in the off-season.

The northeast coast of Sardinia – holidays on the Emerald Coast

The tour through Sardinia takes us to the most famous and most exclusive coast of Sardinia, the Costa Smeralda. So far, you only know Sardinia from postcards and have always wondered where these wonderful motifs came from?

If you travel to the northeast of Sardinia, your question will be answered quickly, because I would almost say that the beaches here are a bit more beautiful than on the rest of the island (if that is even possible). Dream beaches, such as the located in the bay of Spiaggia del Grande Pevero or the Spiaggia Capriccioli, from which you have a great view of the offshore islands, make your beach holiday in Sardinia perfect and trips to the village Porto Cervo with its pretty harbor provide the cultural framework program.

With a holiday on the Costa Smeralda you can definitely not go wrong. But beware, exclusivity has its price: the Costa Smeralda is one of the most expensive places in Sardinia. Book your accommodation best in time, because then you can get hold of one or the other bargain here.

The most beautiful cities in Sardinia

The versatile island capital Cagliari in the deep south of Sardinia is definitely worth a visit. It is located between the towns of Pula and Villasimius and is the largest city in Sardinia, with around 168,000 inhabitants.

Surrounded by the described dream beaches, it invites you not only to relax at the bays, but also on a remarkable sightseeing tour. In particular, the impressive cathedral of Santa Maria di Castello, with its architectural style of different eras, you should look at once from close.

But the center of the city is also a real draw: a beautiful palazzo with splendid facades, small markets, streets with huge paved flagstones, cozy cafes and a wonderful location right on the harbor make a sightseeing day in Cagliari unforgettable.

“Small markets, cozy cafes and a wonderful location right on the harbor”

In addition, you should also have seen the old town of Cagliari, called Castello. This is located on a hilltop, which offers an incredible view over the Gulf of Cagliari. Narrow, winding lanes with dilapidated houses and massive walls characterize the image of the district.

In the old town itself you can go shopping in small boutiques or shop to your heart’s content in the largest shopping center on the island, the “La Rinascente”. If you still do not have enough, you can let off steam at the weekly markets.

In any case, you should also visit the most important center of Sardinia, the delightful town of Alghero. It is one of the most visited destinations of the Sardinia tourists. In particular, the winding old streets and scattered churches, palaces and monuments characterize the traditional and delightful old town of Alghero and invite you to discover and stroll. Restaurants serving delicious Sardinian specialties can be found in Alghero.

In love with Sardinia

Have you fallen in love with Sardinia as much as I have since my visit to the island? I can promise you that you will not even want to go to the Caribbean once you’ve explored the beautiful bays and lively cities of Sardinia.

Why fly into the distance if you can enjoy a real dream holiday just a couple of hours away from home? If you follow my suggestions diligently, you will soon find a great bargain and explore the island on your own. If not, you can also look for the right Sardinia holiday in an online booking section.

Whatever you choose I wish you the same great time in Sardinia as I had during my stay over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy “Bella Sardinia”!


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