Seed Bombs Do-It-Yourself – Instructions


They are small but can have a big impact. Seed Bombs are seed-filled balls filled with seeds that can easily be thrown into nature where you want more greenery. It does not take much to get to seed bombs: seeds, soil, clay powder and water are enough to make the small seed bombs. We’ve tested bomb making for you and now give you instructions on how to do it right now.

This is how you make your own seed bombs step-by-step.

Ingredients for seed bombs:

  • Different seeds
  • Peat-free earth
  • Natural compost
  • Brown clay powder
  • A little water

Making Seed Bombs: That’s how it works

Seed choice for seed bombs

For a special variety mix different seeds together. Well suited, for example, lavender, cornflower, tagetes or marigold. Since these are native plants, they have a good chance of successful growth and do not disturb the biosphere.

Give the seeds to the earth

Give 1 part of seeds to a total of 3-5 parts soil-compost mixture.

Add clay to the mix

Then add 3-5 parts of clay powder and mix everything again.

Irrigate the dirt

Add a little water to the still dry mix. Enough so that the mass binds and works well. But not too much so that it does not harden prematurely and can be kneaded better.

Do it round

Now, make walnuts out of the mass. Do not form too large, otherwise problems with germination could occur. Finished are the seed bombs when they are soft, smooth and round.

Dry the seed bombs

Now the seed bombs have to dry. Leave it for about one or two days in a not too shady and not too sunny place. Avoid extra heat from hair dryer or oven. By the way, seed bombs also last a while when stored cool and well ventilated.

Plant seed bombs

Get out there and throw your seed bombs wherever you go, in places that need it. You do not need to bury the seed bombs. The only thing you need is a little time and patience. You can occasionally walk past your self-greened area, water it (unless it’s raining anyway), and watch the growth progress.

It will make you happy!

Tips and warnings about seed-bombs crafting

  • Choose seeds from native plants such as wildflowers, as they have better chances of successful growth. But also herbal or vegetable seeds can be packed in the earth balls.
  • Be sure that the seeds are non-toxic species! In addition, successful growth of native, robust plants is more likely than exotic varieties.
  • Instead of clay powder, you can also use clay for your seed bombs.
  • If you have moistened the dry mix with too much water, add some dry ingredients.
  • Calculate for visible achievements about 10 seed bombs per square meter.

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