The Best Documentaries And Films About Veganism



You are interested in the vegan lifestyle and would like to know more about the background? Here I have put together a best-of list of the most inspiring vegan documentaries and films around the topic of veganism, the environment, animal welfare and health. Have fun!

Earthlings (2005)

“Earthings” is the ultimate vegan-themed classic, and has probably moved more people to the vegan lifestyle than any other movie. The documentary deals with meat consumption, livestock farming and the exploitation of animals in general as a raw material supplier, for clothing and test object in animal experiments. But be aware, the shots are not for the faint of heart!

Hope For All: Our Food, Our Hope (2016)

To get big and strong, you have to eat meat, eggs and dairy, they say. We all grew up with this message. The industrial nations of the world, however, are in a health crisis, because diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, extreme overweight or diabetes continue to increase. “Hope for All” is a startling and moving film about the consequences of Western food habits. Instead of diffuse ideology, the film provides impressive life stories and fact-protected arguments. His message: If we change our eating habits, we change the planet.

Before The Flood (2016)

“Before the Flood” caused a stir a couple of years ago. No one less than Leonardo DiCaprio addresses the issue of climate protection in the documentary and, in particular, the consequences of climate change, which are already visible today. Impressive images and interviews with leading figures and politicians, such as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, former US President Bill Clinton, as well as Barack Obama, John Kerry and Pope Francis, address our responsibility to planet Earth.

More Than Honey (2012)

“More than Honey” is a documentary by Swiss director Markus Imhoof from 2012, whose theme is the worldwide bee mortality from California to China. The most industrious of all animals, which reliably flies from flower to flower, is in the greatest danger: the honeybee. Worldwide, the mysterious dying is watched with concern, because she is the great breadwinner of the people. Between pesticides, antibiotics, mono-cultures and the transport of plantations to plantations, the queens and their workers seem to lose their power. The documentary shows the fascinating universe of the bee with spectacular shots.

Food, Inc. – What are we really eating? (2008)

Because of happy cows on green meadows! The documentary “FOOD, INC.” Shows how a handful of corporations determine what’s on our plate and how irresponsible the food industry is. In order to safeguard one’s own profit, the livelihoods of many farmers and the health of consumers are being jeopardized. An honest look behind the scenes of the food industry and animal husbandry in the 21st century.

Forks Over Knives (2011)

In the documentary “Forks Over Knives”, the connection between wrong nutrition and typical common diseases is scrutinized. The renowned biochemist Prof. dr. T. Colin Campbell, who conducted the China Study in the 1970s and 1980s, explains his research on the relationship between the consumption of animal proteins and the occurrence of Western civilization diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis or rheumatism. The documentation shows, without pointing a finger, that the change to a healthy diet and lifestyle pays off – and even without having to go into the ethical aspects such as factory farming and environmental destruction.

Live and Let Live (2013)

The documentary “Live and Let Live” deals with our relationship to animals, the history of veganism and the ethical, ecological and health backgrounds that lead people to live a vegan life. Because food scandals, climate change, civilization diseases and increasing ethical concerns are causing more and more people to rethink their meat consumption. “Live and Let Live” tells the stories of six people who, for a variety of reasons, have chosen not to use animal products and how that decision has changed their lives.

Cowspiracy – The Secret of Sustainability (2014)

The fact that industrial factory farming is a climate killer has long been known and is currently being discussed in politics with the proposal for a tax reform. In the documentary “Cowspiracy” Kip Andersen gets to the bottom of the subject and also comes to the fact that many environmental organizations completely ignore the momentous connection between animal husbandry and environmental destruction. With precarious questions, the filmmaker approaches representatives of Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other well-known environmental protection organizations. Exciting and informative!

Taste the Waste – Why do we throw our food on the trash? (2011)

Why do we throw our food on the trash? The German documentation “Taste the Waste” from the year 2011 is devoted to the question of whether the global food waste wealth or insanity. Because in Germany alone, households throw away food for 20 billion euros every year – this corresponds to the annual sales of Aldi in Germany. The food we throw away in Europe would be enough to feed the hungry in the world twice. Valentin Thurn researches the international handling of food and encounters hair-raising results.

Los Veganeros (2015)

“Los Veganeros” is a feature film by Lars Oppermann from the year 2015 about veganism. The film was realized with well-known actors such as Nils Brunkhorst, Rosalie Wolff and Inez Björg David. In a gripping mix of drama and comedy, a group of vegan activists make a momentous decision. Exciting, funny and entertaining … and pssss: Already this year you can look forward to the second part!

Sea the Truth (2014)

If we continue to fish, as we still do today, according to experts, the oceans will be empty by 2048. In search of information about the current state of the oceans, the two young marine biologists Marianne van Mierlo and Barbara van Genne travel around the world and pursue topics such as industrial fishing, sustainability labels for fish etc. Leading scientists say that any fish that is so sustainably caught is a caught fish too much and we should refrain from eating fish in the general interest. “Sea The Truth” is the second film by the Dutch Nicolaas G. Piersen Foundation, which already caused a stir in 2007 with the movie “Meat The Truth”. The film can be viewed for free on Earth’s films.

Speciesism (2013)

Does the meat and the milk really come from the pretty farms that we regularly see in advertising? Even if the food industry wants to suggest this to us, more and more reports are coming to light that reveal the true face of modern livestock farming. The filmmaker Mark Devries goes in search of the well-hidden and remote animal factories of America and takes the viewer on this adventurous journey – sometimes on the plane over these plants, sometimes eye to eye with the operators of these large companies. Also, the so-called speciesism, the moral discrimination of individuals due to their species affiliation, thematized, which was discussed in the mid-70s for the first time and is getting more and more attention. Who gives us the right to deal with animals as we currently do? Speciesism is a startling movie that is very thought-provoking.

Vegucated (2011)

Three New York meat and cheese lovers embark on the experiment of living vegan for six weeks. Launched into the experiment to lose weight and improve their own health, the protagonists soon realize that there is much more to a vegan lifestyle than they initially assumed. They discover hidden aspects of livestock and soon risk everything to expose the machinations of industrial agriculture, which they until recently have unscrupulously supported them. Vegucated narrates in an entertaining way the development of three different characters, how to deal with the challenges of the new lifestyle and find their own way to create a better world. The film can be viewed for free on Earth’s films.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

50 kilograms too heavy and dependent on drugs to keep his autoimmune disease under control, Australian Joe Cross decides to travel 60 days across the United States, feeding on nothing but fruit and vegetable juices. On his journey, he talks to many people about nutrition and health and he happens to find himself on a highway rest stop in front of the heavily obese Phil Staples, who suffers from exactly the same illness as he does. Inspired by Joe’s change and his realization that he’s “just a cheeseburger away from a heart attack,” Phil begins a radical juice cure. The film accompanies the two protagonists on their way back to a healthy life and shows what is possible with a simple diet change.

Simply Raw (2009)

Six Americans with diabetes are trying to cure their disease with a radical diet change. They want to eat vegan, organic and exclusively from raw food for thirty days. The film follows these six different characters on their difficult journey, where no meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, fast food or cooked food are allowed. Diabetes has been taking on epidemic proportions worldwide for some years and is still considered incurable in conventional medicine. This documentary brings a touch of hope to sufferers and once again underlines the importance of a healthy diet.

Meat the Truth (2007)

Marianne Thieme, the leading force of the Dutch “Party for the Animals”, presents the most important facts and figures on climate change and livestock in an entertaining and startling presentation. Their statements are supplemented and executed by intervening videos with leading experts in these fields. Thematically the film resembles the newer “Cowspiracy” strongly, but is worth seeing by the special form, which reminds more of a TED talk than of a documentary film in the classical sense. The film can be viewed for free on Earth’s films.

Here we go this is my selection of inspiring documentaries and movies around the topic of veganism – if you have additional suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comment box below.

For now have fun watching them!

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