Vegan Vacation Loft Project With Sanctuary



I found this interesting piece of land that would be an ideal place to set-up a vegan friendly vacation destination with lofts as well as an animal sanctuary that could produce organic food on a 50 acres plantation located on a tropical paradise island. The island offers amazing beaches as well as countless adventure hiking and canyoning options in a breathtaking natural environment beside world-class diving spots appreciated by diver aficionados from around the world.

My vision is to create a wonderful spot for compassionate Earthlings to enjoy life with animals and first-class eco-friendly accommodations like the one on the picture of this post to spend an unforgettable holiday in the tropics.

The value of the site includes also a little forest with trees that could be used as guarantee for a potential investor interested in the suggested project.

Become a member in a self-sufficient community

We call this a micro-sociological community of solidarity in which the inhabitants realize a self-sufficient water supply, cultivation of crops and generate the electricity themselves. True to the motto: “Let’s be self-sufficient again”, all have the joint task to enrich the self-sufficient village with their ideas and inventions in the field of alternative living. We want to create an environment that is no longer about being the first, winners, or capitalizing as much as possible.

Also, people who are in unsatisfactory employment and who have been led to believe that they can only achieve their goals through hard work and yet never get on a green path, we want to show a real alternative. As a counter model to a ruthless society which is steered among other things by banks, international large corporations and the financial markets.

Responsibility is the magic word here. We should all take it back into our own hands and gradually move out of a system that raises disproportionate taxes and duties and robs people of self-determination, vitality and health.

If you say so now; “Yes, I know that …” and you no longer have the desire to exchange your life energy for a ‘promissory note’ and may still need to fish return bottles from station rubbish bins when you are old.

If you want to regain the courage and time to think about starting your own family, or just want to start a self-fulfilling lifestyle, for example by finally writing your book, painting pictures or getting the musician out of you, we invite you to join this community to become one and finally discover self-sufficient life.

Self-sufficient vacation lofts

The 24 lofts (12 lofts for 4 persons each and 12 lofts for 2 persons each) will be totally off the grid, with renewable power production on site, water supply is guaranteed through a water well on site as well as through rainwater collection. Vegetables and fruits are also grown on site on an organic garden plantation to supply the kitchen with organic plant-based food to prepare delicious recipes for the guests as well as the staff.

The idea is to create a “Zero Waste” eco-friendly environment for all Earthlings living permanently on the sites’ sanctuary but also for all the guests visiting for some time only. The site will also include amenities like a swimming-pool as well as a fitness center to allow all the guests to have an active holiday experience in the tropics. 

The modern looking lofts will be build with the principles of Mike Reynolds’ “Earthship Houses” in mind.

Active leisure and outdoor activities

Due to the relatively central location of the site on the island the accessibility to amazing hiking trails as well as canyoning tours can be organized as we aim to provide amazing adventures in the forests, lakes, Sulphur vents, rivers and waterfalls this amazing tropical island has to offer.

For those who prefer the sea, island hopping trips and scuba diving adventures can be organized to breath-taking spots once guests get bored from world-class paradise like white sand or black sand beaches on the island.

Sanctuary for Earthlings

The idea beside accommodating fellow vegans and offering them the time of their life during the stay, is to provide a safe home to battered animals from the region. As fellow vegans all Earthlings are important to us and if we can help make the life of these creatures more agreeable, we should do it!

This project will also be set-up to help our voiceless friends and create awareness among the visitors and guests to spread a message of love and compassion in a growing community of like-minded folks. Here everybody will be giving the chance to share a compassionate lifestyle for some time and make amazing experiences with fellow Earthlings on the sanctuary.

I am looking for your support

In order to realize this ambitious project and in the process save the twelve thousand trees’ forest which is part of the land I will need your support to create a safe harbor for Earthlings who don’t have a voice.  

You can take a lifetime patronage over a tree for only US$50 and with it help create a sustainable living space for animals. 

As you can imagine the project is close to my heart as a vegan and I am wondering how best to get this done?

If you have an opinion on the subject or an idea that could help to get this project realized, please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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