Civic Engagement in the Digital Age: The Benefits of Broadcasting Council Meetings

Transparency and engagement are two crucial elements of a functioning local government. In order to increase both, municipalities should consider broadcasting their council meetings to the public. By doing so, citizens can stay informed about the decisions that impact their community and have greater participation in the democratic process.

Broadcasting council meetings allows citizens to stay informed about the decisions that are being made in their municipality. They can see firsthand how their representatives are voting on important issues and understand the reasoning behind those decisions. Additionally, during public comment sessions, individuals can voice their opinions and concerns to the council and have it broadcasted to the public. This increases the level of engagement of citizens and allows them to have a more active role in the democratic process.

Furthermore, broadcasting council meetings can improve the reputation of the municipality. It demonstrates a commitment to transparency and open government, which can increase trust in local officials and government institutions. This is especially important in today’s digital age where citizens expect to have access to information and participate in the decision-making process.

There are several ways to broadcast council meetings, including live streaming on social media platforms, airing on local cable channels, or posting recordings online. These options are relatively low-cost and easy to implement. Live streaming on platforms such as Facebook or YouTube allows for a wider audience to tune in and watch the meeting in real-time. Airing on local cable channels is a great option for those who don’t have access to the internet or prefer to watch on TV. And posting recordings online allows those who missed the live broadcast to catch up on what was discussed.

In conclusion, broadcasting council meetings is a valuable step towards increasing transparency and engagement in local government. It allows citizens to stay informed about the decisions being made in their community and participate in the democratic process. It also improves the reputation of the municipality by demonstrating a commitment to transparency and open government. If you are a mayor or a member of a municipality council, consider broadcasting your meetings to the public, it will be a positive step towards better government-citizen relationship.

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