Cryptocurrencies Aren’t The Ideal Gateway For Black-Money Hoarders

While law enforcement agencies still claim that criminals transacting in cryptocurrencies create hurdle in their investigation as tracking this money on the web and beyond a country’s boundary is impossible, rumor has it that behind the scenes they work on AI crawlers that will collect data from blockchain ledger to trace and connect accounts to individuals by the end of 2021.

As the bitcoin ledger is publicly available and each transaction record is traceable with artificial technology crawlers and over time transactions can be attributed to accounts and though to their holders and owners.

The transparency on the blockchain transaction ledger records clearly isn’t helping folks who wish to transact anonymously and at one point could face legal actions hiding cash or black-money in cryptocurrencies.

There are more efficient and smarter ways to get the job done, don’t use cryptocurrencies anymore for that purpose. You are going to loose!

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