Esch2022 And NFT’s A Perfect Fit

The European Capital of Culture Esch2022 should definitely use NFT’s to also raise brand awareness online!

A unique chance awaits the organizers of Esch2022 to generate awareness for their event and the projects beyond 2022, should they decide to launch a collection of Esch2022 NTF’s as a pioneering project to keep Esch/Alzette, the region, and Luxembourg in the collective memory and as a legacy in the blockchain for decades to come.

Missing out on this opportunity would not only be a shame for this beyond borders well-known event, but Esch2022 would also miss out on a unique opportunity to familiarize the national art and music scene with this new technology, which I am quite confident will become a new interesting way for artists to monetize their craft and tap into a potential pool of millions of new collectors all over the world.

The question is raised – Will Esch2022 become the first major cultural event to use blockchain technology to generate brand awareness for projects, artists, and partners alike?

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