Hire Me

I am a recognized senior PR consultant in the following areas of digital marketing: online reputation management, internet privacy, social media marketing, branding, and digital PR, with a focus on blogger outreach, influencer engagement, search engine optimization, and internet crisis response using digital public relations and social media marketing.

I am an Internet analyst, web strategy consultant, and advisor to a number of firms. I am a pioneer in online social networks and content publishing, with a natural ability to predict the next big thing. I specialize on web technologies such as blockchain, non-fungible tokens, artificial intelligence, Metaverse, smart contracts, content syndication, online collaboration, web analytics, and consumer-generated content.

I see that the Internet is more than simply a different advertising medium; it is a separate culture with its own set of norms and rules. Understanding this culture enables me to convert your company’s distinctive message to appropriate groups on the web. This method steers business in your direction, which is my primary and true purpose.

My Four Basic Working Rules

  1. Put me on a monthly retainer for EUR5.555,55 up-front – pay HERE
  2. Don’t waste my time by asking me to dress you reports
  3. My project rates are non-negotiable and must be paid in full in advance
  4. Meetings and excuses are a waste of my time

Now, if you want to get the job done – get in touch and hire me! Otherwise, don’t waste my time; I need to get to work.