Knowledge Base Real Estate Platform for Luxembourg

Project description: The project consists of a multilingual content platform that covers a wide range of topics related to real estate in Luxembourg and the “Grand Region,” such as legal information, realtor business, real estate taxes, and property management information, among others. The platform will be made freely available to the public and will soon feature hundreds of articles, videos, and podcasts delivering useful information, attracting many people interested in and seeking for material on this subject. It will not be a new real estate advertising platform.

A participation option is available to a maximum of five partners active in this industrial area, and they will be granted unique life-time rights on the platform as well as a revenue split.

The platform’s revenue will be accomplished through published adverts. More offerings, such as highlighted content and targeted sharing via social media platforms, will help all of the platform’s exclusive partners to boost their exposure and, as a result, have a faster turn-around.

Capital needed: EUR90.000
Revenue participation offered: 5% – 10%
Partners (max.): 5
Investing: 12 months x EUR1,500 per partner
Project set-up stage: 4 months (set-up)
Public launch: January 2023

Investment ROI: After one year, and with focused marketing, the portal will reach thousands of daily visitors, allowing each exclusive partner participating to get visibility with people interested in real estate in Luxembourg. We provide the following package offerings to all exclusive partners in order to obtain a quick return on investment.

Package One
5% Revenue share
Exclusive advertisement access

Package Two
10% Revenue share

Other options like a shareholder partnership are also open for discussion, if one company is exclusively interested in this project and wants to avoid sharing access to this platform to competitors.