Luka Modrić’s NFT Collection

Not alone are retail companies profiting from NFTs; sportsmen are also getting in on the fun. Luka Modri, regarded as one of the best midfielders of his generation, is a prime illustration of this. Since his debut, he has won five domestic league titles, three domestic cup titles, a runner-up medal at the FIFA World Cup, and was crowned the world’s best men’s player in 2018.

Modri collaborated with Dutch animation studio Visual Lab to develop a collection of four treasures, including two virtual shirts that lucky owners can wear in metaverse settings such as Sandbox. We’re not sure how many people have bid on his Submerse NFT with an opening offer of $5,000, but it’s a unique method for athletes to take ownership of their own celebrity and tap into super fans.

We also saw this example from Julian Edelman (albeit it was unfortunately unveiled on April Fool’s Day), who developed comic-inspired NFTs of his classic football exploits. These NFTs were created in collaboration with the creative agency and studio Superdigital. According to Assaf Swissa’s founder, “it appears like everyone renowned might jump into the NFT game… The more influential people that create NFTs, the more of a creative cultural revolution we will see.”

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