My Projects

Knowledge Base Real Estate Platform for Luxembourg

The project consists of a multilingual content platform that covers a wide range of topics related to real estate in Luxembourg and the “Grand Region,” such as legal information, realtor business, real estate taxes, and property management information, among others. The platform will be made freely available to the public

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The Digital Asset Portfolio And Management Project

The concept of the project is to create and manage a portfolio of digital assets in a legal framework with the single and unique goal of generating passive income and increasing the value of these assets while they are integral part of the portfolio.

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269 Earthling Project

Animal lovers, Earthlings, and businesses can support one of the 269 NFTs that will be issued with the hashtag #earthlingsvoice and designate an animal rescue organization that will be automatically remitted a 50 percent share of each transaction as set by the “smart contract” attached to the digital art (NFT) every time it changes ownership.

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