Offers Opportunities To NGOs And Non-Profits To Raise Funds Without Soliciting

One of the most difficult challenges that NGOs and non-profits have is raising funds for their cause, which frequently feels like begging. Now, with, you may have a solution in Europe that doesn’t make you feel that way anymore.

What if you had a solution that allows you to receive a portion of each transaction made by your backers and partners using the payment system, and you wouldn’t have to go bagging for money anymore?

It is now possible using the payment app

Consider this: if your backers use the Noelse payment app on their phone or the Noelse Eurocad for all of their purchases during the year, a portion of these transactions will flow to the cause of your NGO or non-profit organization.

Like this your supporters will contribute to your cause and assist you all year long, not only during costly campaigns you undertake to seek funds from the general public.

Companies that collaborate with a non-profit organization or an NGO can demonstrate to the public that they take corporate social responsibility seriously and support causes close to their hearts. People nowadays pay attention to such initiatives because Milenials want firms to give back to communities in need.

That is, firms should consider becoming more transparent and consistent with corporate social responsibility in order to maintain consumer trust. And what better way to do so than to give back on a regular basis, rather than simply at special events or during desaster relief fund-raising campaigns when everybody is in on it anyway.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact me HERE and we’ll chat about it.

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