Take Advantage Of Other People’s Audience

Get an article published on various websites to increase visibility and benefit from the audience of others.

How to Get Published On Other Websites To Get More Exposure And Benefit From Others’ Audience.

You may have heard about how great it would be if people could read the articles you write and share them with their friends. Well, now you can! If you do it right, you just might get some free traffic, links back to your site, and maybe even a little bit of fame, too.

Here’s the plan. You publish content on your website, then post the link somewhere else online. Then, someone who reads your article sees it on his screen and goes to your site.

It doesn’t matter where you place the link – whether it’s on a blog or forum, or even a social network page. What matters is that people find the link and click it.

The idea behind getting links to your site is simple. When readers go to your web pages, they should be able to tell that the information is coming directly from you. By placing links to your own pages, visitors can easily follow the flow of information and trust what you’re saying. Also, having a link to your site makes search engines happy, giving you higher rankings in searches.

Getting Links

So how do you start? There are two ways to begin. First, you can create original content, then get it posted elsewhere. Or, you can take existing material and repost it, building a reputation for yourself first. We’ll discuss both methods in detail below.

Creating Original Content

If you want to get started at writing original content, you’ll need something to write about. The best way to start is to simply pick something you enjoy doing. Are you naturally funny? Do you love cooking? Have a knack for photography? Whatever it is, try to find a topic related to it and get writing.

Once you’ve got some ideas rolling around in your head (and some time), think about where you can put those words. A good rule of thumb is to consider where people tend to congregate online. If you have a Facebook account, chances are a lot of people already know you and will appreciate seeing what you’ve written. Most forums are similar – if you have a Google+ account, there’s a good chance a lot of people will discover your posts. Don’t limit yourself though – if you’re passionate about something, there’s probably a good community somewhere online you can reach out to.

Another thing to consider before you start writing is whether or not to make it public. If you don’t mind being linked to, it’s easier to build a following since people can subscribe via RSS feeds or keep track of updates via email. However, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things private until the day you decide to launch. In fact, if you choose to remain anonymous, you’ll be helping to build credibility. People often feel more comfortable sharing opinions and thoughts if they don’t have to worry about anyone finding out.

Placing Your Link

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to move onto the business side of things. Where exactly do you post your content?

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