The Digital Asset Portfolio And Management Project

The concept is to create and manage a portfolio of digital assets in a legal framework with the single and unique goal of generating passive income and increasing the value of these assets while they are integral part of the portfolio. The portfolio will only include the following assets: online platforms and websites, mobile applications, blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) with smart contracts. Monthly revenue will be created passively by the creation or purchase of content that will generate automatic income streams such as sales, affiliate commissions, subscriptions, courses, sponsorships, or donations.

There will be no labor force employed in the legal framework. To get the project going, all jobs will be outsourced to freelancers at market price, and to fund it all the following two income distribution keys will apply:

Passive income: 50% will remain in the legal structure to support the expansion and upkeep of current assets; 25% will be utilized to purchase and create more assets; and the remaining 25% will be split among partners.

Asset sales: 50% remains in the firm to create or purchase additional digital assets; the remaining 50% is divided equally among the partners.

Investment: EUR2,000 per part

Duration: unlimited

Participation: 50 parts (each part represents 1%)

Status: OPEN

The legal framework will be implemented in Ireland, and the asset investments will be decided by a committee of five. In the event of a sale, all partners will be requested for consent, and the simple majority decision will be applied. The initial funds will be used solely to acquire or develop digital assets for the portfolio, with no asset investment exceeding the value of one part.

To ensure complete transparency, each partner will get a certified thorough monthly report during the first week of each following month, on all current assets in the portfolio revealing the revenue generated during the month. The distribution keys are also applied based on the statistics in the monthly report.

If one of the partners chooses to quit the project, the sale price will be calculated using the following formula “monthly income of all assets in the portfolio x the factor 20 divided by the number of parts that the legal structure entails”.

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