What Is The Red Bull Brand’s Influence On Sports?

Red Bull is the most conspicuous sponsor in extreme sports today, almost synonymous with the sport itself. However, the brand has been associated with successful soccer teams as well on two continents in addition to extreme sports.

How did they accomplish this?

Red Bull is an energy drink with a “cool” image in the eyes of young people due to its link with extreme sports. Windsurfing, cliff diving, rock climbing, Formula One, and even its own Air Racing series have all benefited from the brand’s prominence in extreme sports.

Associating with sports is obviously not a new concept. Coca-Cola pioneered sports sponsorship when it became the first sponsor of the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

Coca-Cola then moved on to sponsor FIFA tournaments such as the World Cup, as well as other athletic leagues such as the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, individual NASCAR races, and a slew of other sporting-related events.

The sponsorship of Coca-Cola in sports, as well as its unusual advertising efforts around the world, in which the ad seen in America is shown ubiquitously, have made it a brand found almost everywhere.

So, what has caused Red Bull to gain more influence in the sporting world?

According to what I’ve seen, sticking to a certain niche—extreme sports—has given the Red Bull brand a stronger relationship with the interesting and exciting side of things. And this is something that young people are drawn to.

Furthermore, young people are depicted doing things that aren’t generally covered by sports shows. Because these extreme athletes are not well-known, the common person can relate to them more than a great sports star.

One drink democratizes a previously unknown niche, and by speaking and acting youthfully, it has access to a massive market—both for sentimental purposes for the elderly and for Red Bull’s target market: the 18 to 34-year-old crew.

Many will say that they are the primary sponsors of soccer and hockey clubs in both the United States and Europe, but these appear to be small and isolated.

Another factor is the culture from which Red Bull was born. Red Bull is Austrian, and the country is recognized for outstanding skiing as well as extreme sports such as hang-gliding, which are currently sponsored by the beverage brand.

They finally make their presence known. Red Bull went out of their way to have their brand everywhere at the Red Bull Air Race in Detroit. Only Audi and Breitling were the prominent sponsors I could see among the others who were present.

Red Bull dominated everything else. Models were handing people free cans of the drink, and Red Bull made sure that their name and brand were everywhere there was something about the Air Race.

When a sporting event over which Red Bull has control occurs, they make their presence known.

Of course, this could not have been accomplished through tiny sponsorships at first, which grew into much larger sponsorships and finally led to the establishment of their own sports series. It is a unique advertising approach that results in increased sales and the acquisition of a large market.

Let us not compare every firm to Red Bull, or each sporting event and club to those with which Red Bull is associated, but why don’t you, as a sponsor in a sporting club, not request to get out more for the money you invest?

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