Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Digital marketing is more important than ever for your business. A recent study found that 77% of consumers will buy from a company they find online, and the best way to make an impact is with digital marketing. The internet has evolved into a space where people can research what they need and get in touch with companies at their convenience. But, having said that, it’s not always easy to make this type of impact, and many businesses struggle with how to market themselves on the world wide web. The two biggest challenges are how to get noticed, and how to become more efficient with their marketing efforts.

There are many ways to market your company on the internet, but it can get overwhelming if you don’t have a firm grasp on where you’re heading. If that sounds like something you’ve struggled with in the past, you shouldn’t worry. We spoke with Ben Michael Ezeanya, founder of eMarketer, who shared his advice on getting the most out of digital marketing for your business.

Here are the top five ways Ezeanya suggests that managers can get the most out of digital marketing for their business:

  1. Integrate your marketing efforts

Marketing is not just one thing. It includes all things that entice customers to buy, including social media, email, video content creation, and more; however, it doesn’t include everything. It’s important to find what works best for your company and focus on what’s working to make it work even better.

“Marketing is a strategic process. There are many different aspects of marketing. There’s an art of the possible part of it, but there are also best practices. It’s not just one thing you do, just because something worked for someone else that’s not going to work for you. For example, if your company is primarily an e-commerce business and you just tried something that worked for someone else, it probably won’t work for you,” Ezeanya said.

  1. Integrate different platforms

If a company has a responsive website, it’s possible that the business might only have one marketing platform. However, Ezeanya suggests that this is not the case. Quite possibly, companies have more than just one marketing platform. For example, if a company has a responsive website and social media accounts, it’s possible that they tend to use Pinterest or Instagram for social media marketing.

“You should have separate channels for different marketing channels,” Ezeanya said. “Not only does that help refine your message and your focus, because you can really hone in on what works really well for you, but it also means that you’re not vulnerable to change. One channel might get better or worse over time, so it’s good to have other things you can quickly move from one channel to another.”

  1. Get rid of the clutter

Often times, companies have a ton of different tools and marketing platforms available to them. However, there’s always room for improvement. For example, the company might use two different email marketing platforms. But if these platforms aren’t efficient or effective, it doesn’t mean that you should keep them around.

“Tools are just tools, and if they aren’t efficient or effective you should probably get rid of them,” Ezeanya said. “I wouldn’t recommend that every company uses the same tools, because you want to make sure you’re really focusing on what your strengths are.”

  1. Create a strategy for your marketing

If businesses are not making an effort to create a campaign or focus on what they can do better, there is always room for improvement. Ezeanya suggests creating a marketing plan that outlines the tactics that will be used to market the company.

“You can get a lot of value from tools like Hubspot or Google Analytics, but there’s also value in simply writing down what you’re doing and what you want to do as a company,” Ezeanya said.

  1. Create a marketing budget

If business owners don’t want to spend all of their time trying to figure out what is working, they should create a budget that allows them to focus on those things that are working.

“You can decide what you’re going to spend. If you’re going to spend a million dollars a year on digital marketing, then figure out how much money you’re going to spend per channel. Once they know that, then they can focus on the channels that work and double down on those channels,” Ezeanya said.

In addition to increasing sales, these tactics will also help businesses build their brand identity online and create loyal customers.

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